7 Celebs Share Candid Details on Their Quarantine Routine

If you’ve been wondering what your favorite celebrities have been up to during self-isolation, you’re in luck. PureWow recently got the inside scoop on a variety of celeb quarantine routines, from stars like Tan France, Laura Prepon and Lauren Lapkus. Keep reading for all the deets.

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1. Daya Vaidya

Daya Vaidya is a mom of three children: Leela (10) and 7-year-old twins, Jai and Dev. The Bosch star admitted that while it’s difficult to set boundaries with her children, she’s found they benefit from schedules, so they know exactly what’s happening each day. If everything goes as planned, the kids receive a reward—like one hour of iPad use.

“I found that schedules worked for me because they know what’s happening,” she explained. “They kind of know what to anticipate and then they get rewarded later on.”

Vaidya is slowly adjusting to their new life in self-isolation, but that doesn’t mean she’s cut out for homeschooling. “I’m a schoolteacher, I’m mom, I’m cook, I’m cleaner, I’m, you know, everything,” she told PureWow. “You have to be super patient. They’re so hard to homeschool. Shout out to the moms out there, man.”

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2. Lauren Lapkus

Lapkus walked us through her quarantine routine, which involves a combination of outdoor activities and new hobbies. This includes riding her bike (with a mask, of course) and learning how to play the piano.

“I ride my bike a lot wearing a mask and a helmet. It’s a lot of head gear,” The Wrong Missy star joked. “I’ve also been learning piano, which has been a daily routine for me. I’m using an app called Simply Piano. My days get weirdly full of just these little activities.”

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3. Tan France

The Queer Eye star told PureWow that he’s been channeling The Great British Bake-Off during self-isolation. “Everybody kind of has their things that make them happy during this time and for me, it’s not really TV or those other random things people are doing. For me, it’s baking,” he said.

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4. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon has been cooking way more than usual, which can be tricky with her two children: Ella (2) and a 2-month-old son. In an attempt to mix things up, the Orange Is the New Black star has been using frozen veggies to make nutrient-packed snacks.

“I always keep frozen vegetables and frozen greens—like kale and spinach—in my freezer,” she told PureWow. “That way, I can get greens for my daughter by mixing it into a smoothie, so she doesn’t really taste it.”

Although the quarantine is not an ideal situation, Prepon is handling it day by day. “I hear people who are like, ‘Oh, I just rearranged my fridge and decluttered my closet.’ I don’t know how they plan to do that because I feel like it is so busy,” she said. “You work from home and then you’re also running a school and a restaurant at the same time. We’re just figuring it out, and we’re really leaning on our family for help.”

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5. Michelle Krusiec

With two kids, Michelle Krusiec’s routine is “really not that glamorous.” In fact, the Hollywood star’s typical morning will make every mom say, “same.”

“I usually wake up to my daughter yelling in my ear, telling me about her dreams,” she said. “I have to homeschool my children now. As much as I thought I was going to be an amazing teacher, it turns out I cannot teach kindergarten.”

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6. Grace Byers

Empire star Grace Byers confessed that she’s able to get more done when she sets small goals for herself to achieve. “Instead of a complete routine daily, I set goals to meet throughout the day in my own time: do one positive thing for myself mentally, spiritually and physically, while continuing to work. If I can do one of each of these things daily, then it’s a great day,” she explained.

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7. Storm Reid

As someone who love fitness, Storm Reid has been struggling during this new age of social distancing. So, the Euphoria star turned her home into a makeshift gym. “I’ve been doing a lot of working out to stay sane because I’m not able to go to the gym, unfortunately,” she told PureWow. “That’s something I am very used to and that I have implemented into my normal schedule.”

Reid also discussed her self-isolation routine, saying, “I feel like I’m working harder now that we’re in quarantine, so whether that’s reading scripts or doing Zoom calls or emails. There’s also been time to just relax, watch TV, be with my family and just spend time with myself, which I think is important.”


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