Lauren Lapkus Shares Exclusive Details About Netflix’s New Movie ‘The Wrong Missy’

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Lauren Lapkus is sharing exclusive new details about The Wrong Missy, which is now streaming on Netflix. *Adds to queue*

The 34-year-old actress recently sat down for an interview with PureWow, where she discussed her out-of-this-world character, Missy. The film The Wrong Missy is a comedy about a woman who goes on a blind date with a man named Tim (David Spade). Shortly after, she accompanies him on a tropical vacation, but Missy soon learns that he meant to invite someone else.

Although Lapkus confirmed the audition was a “pretty simple process,” she admitted that she wasn’t sure how Missy would be perceived by viewers. “I really thought this character was so crazy, and I almost couldn’t imagine how it would come across on screen,” she told PureWow. “I was trying to figure out how far we could actually take her.”

For example, Missy gets extremely long acrylic nails in the movie, which feature a “hot pink fading into yellow” design. Although the scene got cut, Lapkus still had to sport the unfortunate manicure for continuity purposes.

“There was a scene where I supposed to mention my nails,” she explained. “Then that scene got cut, so I had those nails for the entire movie. I don’t know if they’re even noticeable, but I had to walk around Hawaii with these crazy nails that are just so unlike my personality in real life.”

Lapkus also revealed that she “improvised a lot” in The Wrong Missy. This meant “loosely” rehearsing the scenes with her co-star, Spade, before diving into filming. “We had a few meetings where we would read through the scenes and sort of loosely rehearsed them,” she said. “So, we had an idea of everything that was going to happen in the film.”

Lapkus went on to say that she’s nothing like Missy, who has no problem butting into other peoples’ lives. So, the actress penciled in me-time at the end of every day to wind down from Missy’s over-the-top personality.

“You have to get some moments to be in your room and not talk to anyone for a little bit,” she said. “It takes a lot mentally, so I found myself needing time alone for sure.”

The good news is The Wrong Missy was actually filmed in Hawaii (where the movie takes place), so relaxation wasn’t difficult to achieve. “I think those Happy Madison guys really have it figured out,” she joked. “They pick the best destinations for their movies.”

If you need us, we’ll be scrolling through pics of Hawaii…

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