Storm Reid might be famous for A Wrinkle in Time, The Invisible Man and Euphoria, but there’s so much we didn’t know about the 16-year-old actress—like the fact that she owns a production company. (NBD.)

PureWow recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Reid, who discussed everything from her self-quarantine routine to Euphoria season two. Keep reading for six facts you (probably) never knew about Storm Reid.

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1. She's getting a bigger story line in 'Euphoria'

Production for season two of Euphoria is currently on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Reid confirmed that it will be just as dramatic (if not more so) than season one. “I can’t spoil too much, but it is a very intense season. There’s a lot happening, so I feel like a lot of people will enjoy it,” she told PureWow.

According to Reid, the new episodes will further explore Gia’s relationship with Rue (Zendaya). “Gia really becomes a character, if that makes sense,” she added. “You’ll really get to see their relationship and how Gia is ultimately affected by Rue. I’m excited to film it and excited to get it on the television for you guys.”

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2. She looks up to Zendaya

Speaking of, Reid revealed that her off-screen relationship with Zendaya is nothing like that of Gia and Rue in Euphoria. She has become like my big sister. I’m able to reach out to her if I need anything, whether it’s talking about ‘growing up in Hollywood’ or just things that normal teenagers are going through,” she told PureWow. “If I ever needed advice, she’s always there.”

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3. She's a foodie, but maintains a healthy diet

In fact, Reid is currently partnered with Sweet Earth, an award-winning food company that specializes in plant-based products. While discussing the collaboration, the actress admitted it was a no-brainer.

“My family tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even though we aren’t completely plant-based,” she explained. ”We thought it would be such a natural collaboration, because we do try to eat healthy things, but we’re also foodies and we’re from the South, so we like things to taste good.”

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4. She works out to stay sane

In this new age of social distancing, Reid has turned her home into a makeshift gym. “I’ve been doing a lot of working out to stay sane because I’m not able to go to the gym, unfortunately,” she told PureWow. “That’s something I am very used to and that I have implemented into my normal schedule.”

Reid also discussed her self-isolation routine, saying, “I feel like I’m working harder now that we’re in quarantine, so whether that’s reading scripts or doing Zoom calls or emails. There’s also been time to just relax, watch TV, be with my family and just spend time with myself, which I think is important.”

storm reid invisible man
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5. She gravitates toward projects with special meaning

Take The Invisible Man, for example, where Reid played Sydney. The actress explained why she was so drawn to the project, and we applaud her maturity.

Invisible Man was such a fun project to do, because it was scary and it was a psychological thriller, but also it had a message,” Reid said. “It was talking about gas lighting and the things that women are going through in this day and age.”

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6. She co-owns a production company

No, really. Reid and her mom, Robyn, are the proud owners of a production company. In addition to acting, the Euphoria star hopes to gain more experience behind the camera in the near future. “We’re working on a multifaceted collection of things,” she told PureWow. “Some of them are drama, some of them are animation, so there’s a good balance of everything.”

If Reid accomplished all this by age 16, we can only imagine what the future holds.

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