Brad Pitt Also Hasn’t Cut His Hair in 2 Months and the Results Are a ‘90s Dream

Two months into quarantine and we’re still not quite sure when we’ll next be able to see our hairdresser. For some that’s meant embracing the extra length (including the growing stripe at your roots), while others have braved the idea of an at-home DIY haircut. As we now know, Brad Pitt is firmly in the first camp, and the result is nothing short of glorious.

Pitt showed off his almost chin-length ‘90s-esque lob (and some nice chin scruff) in a video congratulating the graduates of Missouri State University. Pitt actually grew up in Springfield, MO, the town where the university is situated, although he attended the University of Missouri himself. “It must be very strange doing this in these trying times but know that we’re rooting for you,” Brad told the graduates. “Ya did it! You made it! Congrats again, and think big.”

If you think about it, though, you’ll realize Pitt is no stranger to long hair and was actually rocking a rather long ‘do when he attended the Oscars this past January. In fact, the actor has never been all that precious with his locks and has sported everything from a buzzcut to a mullet to shoulder-length strands, even side bangs, throughout the years, often taking his hair inspiration from whomever he was dating at the time.

It’s nice to see we’re not the only one taking it easy and embracing our new unkempt ‘do while waiting out the coronavirus. And who knows what look he’ll debut when this is all over? Will he grow his locks even more, to Jared Leto lengths? Will he get scissor-happy and end up repeating his choppy Fight Club era mop? Maybe he’ll give ‘The Rachel’ a whirl. Only time will tell...

Abby Hepworth


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