Who Is Daya Vaidya? 6 Things We Learned About the ‘Bosch’ Star

If you’ve seen Amazon Prime’s Bosch, then you’re probably familiar with Daya Vaidya, who plays Jen Kowski on the popular series. PureWow recently sat down with the 39-year-old actress, who discussed everything from Bosch season seven to her totally relatable quarantine routine.

Keep reading for six things we learned about Daya Vaidya.

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1. Her 'bosch' Character Was Supposed To Be Male

Bosch is based on the fictional book series by Michael Connelly. In the novels, Vaidya’s character, Jen Kowski, doesn’t exist. That’s because the role was originally male, but the writers made him into a woman when adapting the story for TV.

“I think a lot of producers and writers are looking at ways that they can take something that we took for granted,” Vaidya told PureWow. “You go, ‘Hey, this is interchangeable. This could absolutely be a woman.’ I like that they did that. It feels more interesting to me. It’s not as cliché as the typical storyline with what we’ve seen on House of Cards and some of those other shows.”

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2. She Has 7-year-old Twins

Vaidya and her husband, Don Wallace, welcomed twin boys—Jai and Dev—in July 2012. They also have a daughter named Leela, who was born in 2009. Now that Vaidya has been homeschooling due to coronavirus, she admitted that she has major respect for teachers.

“I’m a schoolteacher, I’m mom, I’m cook, I’m cleaner, I’m, you know, everything,” she said. “You have to be super patient. They’re so hard to homeschool. Shout out to the moms out there, man.”

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3. She Looks Up To Titus Welliver

Vaidya revealed that Bosch is the “best show I have worked on hands down.” She explained it has everything to do with the close-knit bond Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch) has created among the cast and crew.

“It’s the best set in general, and I think it starts with Titus,” Vaidya said. “You don’t have any status thing happening on set. Everybody’s a family, so you feel very welcomed.”

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4. She's Hopeful Jen Will Return For Season Seven

Vaidya hasn’t heard news about whether Jen will appear in the upcoming season of Bosch. However, she’s hopeful the character’s story line will continue, especially since the finale left several unanswered questions.

I have a good feeling about it because episode ten leaves on a bit of a cliffhanger. I would think they wouldn’t want to just leave it that way,” she told PureWow. “I think they’re going to try, especially if it’s going to be our final season. And I think they’re going to tie all of the loose ends up that we all started.”

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5. She Has A Foolproof Trick For Managing Procrastination

During this time of social distancing, Vaidya admitted that it’s difficult to set boundaries with her children. As a result, she gives them a full rundown about what’s happening each day. If everything goes as planned, the kids receive a reward—like one-hour of iPad use.

“I found that schedules worked for me because they know what’s happening,” Vaidya explained. “They kind of know what to anticipate and then they get rewarded later on.”

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6. She Works With Her Husband

Vaidya is married to Wallace, who is a producer and writer. Although they’re currently working on a project together, she can’t reveal any details about what’s to come. When asked what it’s really like working with her husband, the actress explained that the entertainment industry has always been a huge part of their relationship.

“We met on a movie that he produced, and we played co-stars together. That’s how we met,” she said. “So, I feel like from day one, our relationship was set up this way. I feel like it’s very natural for us to work together.”

Don’t tell Chief Irving.


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