Here's Why Carlos Valdes from ‘Up Here’ Looks So Familiar

Perhaps you spotted Carlos Valdes in a trailer for the Hulu series, Up Here. Or maybe you've seen him promote the series alongside his co-star, Mae Whitman. But for some reason, you can't put your finger on where you've seen him before.

Fortunately for you, we're here to refresh your memory. Before we dive in, it's worth noting that the actor's musical comedy series is already generating plenty of buzz. Valdes stars as Miguel, a banker who meets and falls in love with a writer while navigating the highs and lows of his professional and personal life in 1999 New York. But prior to landing this role, the actor and singer has kept busy with a number of projects. Keep reading for more details.

1. He's Best Known for Playing Cisco Ramón on The Flash

After making his TV debut on The CW's Arrow in 2014, Valdes went on to star in the show's spin-off series, The Flash, as brilliant engineer and nickname connoisseur Cisco Ramón for seven seasons. The actor also made appearances in crossover episodes with other shows, including Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly about his exit from The Flash, Valdes revealed what he'll miss most. He said, "I will miss the positive influences of the people that I work with—not just the cast but also the crew. We currently live in a culture that just consumes content, consumes TV, and I think it should not be lost on people that for every show that they watch there are at least five, six, seven times as many people making that thing on the other side of the camera."

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2. Valdes Appeared in Starz's Gaslit

If you've seen the critically-acclaimed political thriller, then you'll remember Valdes as Agent Paul Magallanes. The actor worked alongside Julia Roberts, Sean Penn and Dan Stevens in the eight-part series, which depicts the events of the Watergate scandal through the eyes of Martha Mitchell, the wife of President Richard Nixon's attorney general.

3. He's a Musician

Acting isn't Valdes's only talent. The star is also a skilled vocalist and musician who plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and bass. In 2015, he released an EP, called Night Off, under the pseudonym "Tha Los." And the music video for his song, "Open Your Eyes," raked in 5.6 million views on YouTube.

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Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

4. He Has Also Been on Broadway

Valdes started off as a stand-in while doing a national tour of Jersey Boys, then went on to star in Once on Broadway from 2013 to 2014. In 2015, the actor also appeared in the City Center Encores! production of Zorba!, starring John Turturro.

Keep thriving, Cisco Carlos.

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