Say Cheesy: 10 of the Best & Worst Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Oh, yearbook photos. Whether you were a jock, a cheerleader or president of the chess club, we all had our fair share of awkward years. Even big-time celebrities endured bad hair days and geeky yearbook photos. From January Jones’s unfortunate haircut to Taylor Swift’s braid phase, here are 10 of the best and worst celebrity yearbook photos.

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sandra bullock yearbook photo
Kris Connor/ Getty Images

Sandra Bullock

Miss Congeniality hasn’t changed much since graduating from high school in 1982.

Hugh Jackman

In true #TBT fashion, Jackman shared this gem of a photo to Instagram and proved that his awkward years weren’t so awkward after all.

matthew mcconaughey yearbook photo
Akhtar Hussein/Getty Images

Matthew Mcconaughey

You can’t go wrong with bleached tips à la NSYNC.

Lucy Hale

Before she was a Pretty Little Liar, Hale was an elementary school student with a bob and bangs.

Kerry Washington

Washington’s pre-gladiator days included pink bows and pigtails. Adorbs.


Voted most likely to run the world…GIRLS!

Amanda Seyfried

Is it just us or does Seyfried’s #TBT pic bear an uncanny resemblance to Dakota Fanning?

Nicki Minaj

Before she discovered wigs, pleather and glitter.

January Jones

Before she portrayed Betty Draper, she played adorable kid with a mullet.

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson

Don’t be deceived by the ’stache—he’s only 16 years old here.