Everything We Know About Anthony Anderson’s Ex-Wife and His Current Dating Status

Does the Emmy host have a significant other?

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Major congrats are in order for Black-ish star Anthony Anderson, who will host the 2023 Emmy Awards. Since the ceremony was delayed due to the actors’ and writers’s strikes, it will now take place on January 15, 2024.

The 53-year-old actor recently revealed that he wants to involve his mother, Doris, in the awards show. “I can’t host the Emmys without having Mama Doris on the stage with me, so we’re finding some smart ways to incorporate her into the show,” he told People magazine.

His well-deserved recognition come after a whopping eight years on Black-ish, where he played the successful, often self-centered patriarch of the Johnson family. And while we’ve enjoyed seeing his character’s misadventures with the ever-so-patient Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), we want to know a bit more about Anderson’s real-life relationships. Which leads us to the questions: What is Anderson's dating status and who is his ex-wife? Here’s what we know

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1. Does Anthony Anderson Have a Wife?

As of 2022, Anderson is no longer a married man. He was previously married to Alvina Anderson (aka Alvina Stewart), who leads a very private life. While very little is known about her background, we do know that she had a private Instagram account (which has since been deactivated).

2. When Did Anderson and His Ex-Wife Start Dating?

While speaking with Jimmy Fallon in 2018, the actor confirmed that he and Alvina started dating when they attended Howard University. While sharing a story about his son’s first days at the college, he revealed that soon after starting school, his son told him, “I found my wife.” Anderson then told Fallon, “He’s actually following in my footsteps because I found my wife at Howard. But it was her first week, not my first week.” Like father, like son indeed.

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3. When Did Anthony and Alvina Get Married?

Anderson and his ex-wife reportedly tied the knot in 1999. Which means the couple was married for more than two decades. However, their union has since come to an end.

4. What Else Do We Know About Alvina?

According to Anderson, Alvina inspired him to get healthy. While speaking with the Los Angeles Times about his fitness journey and type 2 diabetes diagnosis, the actor revealed that it was Alvina who motivated him to get into better shape. “My wife’s become an avid gym rat, and she inspires me,” he said. “My children are fit too and also help me keep going.”

Anderson admitted that his initial trip to the doctor didn’t inspire him to make any big changes, but after recalling how the disease affected his parents, he promised to do better for his own family. “I watched my dad slowly die from this disease,” he explained, “And I vowed never to let that happen to my wife and children, and it jump-started me into becoming healthier.”

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5. When Did They Get Divorced?

TMZ confirmed in September 2015 that Alvina had filed for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.” She also noted that they had been separated since April 2014, and she intended to give Anderson “reasonable visitation” rights to see their children. But according to ET Online, Alvina later requested a dismissal of her divorce petition in 2017.

Although they were able to make it work for a few more years, the couple officially called it quits in 2022. Five years after the initial filing, Stewart filed for divorce again. This time it was for real.

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6. How Many Children Do They Have?

The couple shares two children: Kyra Anderson and Nathan Anderson, a fellow actor who you might recognize from the Netflix sitcom, Richie Rich.

When he appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, Anderson revealed that he really wanted his son to be cast as one of his children in Black-ish. He said, “My son is a young, talented actor, following in my footsteps…I wanted him to be Andre Jr. on Black-ish, but my son’s cool factor…You know, he just has a little too much swag, and I don’t know where he gets it from. I sometimes question if he’s mine or not. His swag factor is just off the charts! And we needed him not to be goofy, but just be a nerdy kid, and he couldn’t shake that. And so I couldn’t cast him!”

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7. Is Anthony Anderson Dating Anyone? 

Anderson recently revealed that he’s now dating after his divorce. He dropped the bombshell during an interview with The Messenger and revealed that his mother is very much involved in his new relationship. He said, “You know, even when I was dating before I got married and now that I’m divorced, [Doris has] always been curious about who this person is, who it might be and all that.”

The actor continued, “But for the most part, she stays out of it. She gives me my space, and she gave my wife and my partner her space at the time, but now she’s nosy, ‘Who this girl you dating now?’ Don't worry about it, Mama. Don’t worry about it...Now they’re friends. My mom calls my lady up now.”

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