This New Netflix Period Drama Just Overtook ‘The Crown’ and ‘Dead to Me’ to Become the Site’s #1 Show

Recently, Netflix dropped new seasons of two of their biggest original shows—The Crown and Dead to Me. And while those two were dominating the site's list of most-watched series, there's now a totally-new show that has taken the crown (sorry, we had to): 1899.

This German drama is part period piece, part mystery and part science fiction, and this blend of genres has clearly intrigued lots of Netflix subscribers. Not only did the show surpass Dead to Me and The Crown, but it also rose above other hits like Manifest, Love Is Blind and From Scratch. (Oh, and did we mention it only came out three days ago?)

1899 takes place in (you guessed it) 1899, where we follow a group of European emigrants who are traveling on a ship to New York City. While these travelers are hoping to start new lives, their plans take an unexpected turn when they come across the Prometheus, another ship that appears to be lost at sea. And what they discover on this ship will be more horrifying than they could've ever imagined.

As we see from the trailer, there are a few familiar faces in the cast, including former Élite star Miguel Bernardeau. “Captain! We paid good money for this trip,” he says in the clip. “Seven days to get to New York. No detours.” Obviously, things do not go according to plan, and this detour will be life-altering for everyone on board.

Still from '1899.'

Alongside Bernardeau, 1899 also stars Emily Beecham (Hail, Caesar!), Aneurin Barnard (Dunkirk), Andreas Pietschmann (Dark), Jonas Bloquet (Private Lessons) and more.

All 8 episodes of the first season were uploaded to Netflix on November 17 (which means you can binge all of it in one sitting). However, if you breeze through it and still want more, there's also a documentary that explores the making of the show, called Making 1899, and it's also available to stream on Netflix.

Still from '1899.'

We definitely know what we're putting at the top of our must-watch list.

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