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You wash your hair in the morning…only to have it stick to your forehead by lunchtime. And whereas a little sweat or humidity gives other ladies beachy waves, it can make you look like a cat in a bathtub. Not to worry. We have years of experience under our belt now, and the products have gotten so much better since we were a greasy-haired teen. Here, our secrets to getting and keeping volume for good.

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Wash Daily
You know your friend who manages to go a few days without washing her hair? Ignore her when she says you could, too, with the right dry shampoo. Those of us with finer strands know that we need to suds up every day (or at the least, every other day). Stick to volumizing shampoos and lather up your roots only so you don’t dry out the ends.


Use the Right Products
The one thing every fine-haired woman needs in her life? A good root-volumizing spray. Mist it on freshly washed strands and be sparing with how much you use. (We’d generally recommend about half of what’s suggested on the label to start.) Another helpful product is sea-salt spray, which adds texture (aka heft) to otherwise lank locks. We like R+Co’s version because it’s super lightweight and dries with zero crunch.

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Lay Off the Brush
After spritzing your strands with root volumizer and sea-salt spray, dry your hair using your hands only. When it’s about 80 to 90 percent of the way there, go in with your brush to polish up the ends. Too much brushing from the start can actually make hair fall flat faster because of all the tension you’re putting on it.

But Get Some Foam Rollers
Remember how your mom would walk around the house with those bright pink rollers in her hair every morning? She was on to something. Add a few on top of your just-dried strands while you finish getting ready and take them out right before you head out the door for an added boost of volume where you need it the most.

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Get the Right Cut
In general, the blunter the cut, the fuller your hair will look. Ask your stylist for clean, even ends, as opposed to having them snipped into or heavily layered. (Might we suggest a chic, slightly angled collarbone-length lob?) And while we’re on the topic, getting regular trims (every two months or so) is a particularly good idea for ladies with fine hair, as it is more susceptible to damage from everyday wear and tear.

And the Right Color
No matter what color hair you have, adding some dimension (through highlights or lowlights) can make things look more voluminous. Just space out your appointments to no more than every eight weeks (so right around when you’d go in for a trim) to prevent damage.

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