Well, This Is a Summer Makeup Trend We Didn’t See Coming

If 2017 was the year of heavy contouring and 2020 was the year of experimental eye makeup, 2022 has officially become the year of statement blush. TikTokers love the flushed look so much that #SunBurnBlush has racked up over 400K views as of writing.

The name says it all: To get the sunburnt aesthetic, you simply apply blush in areas where you would typically get most flushed if you spent too much time in the sun like your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose.

Ironically, this heavy-handed application of blush is meant to give you a more fresh-faced and natural look that’s aligned with another TikTok trend: “Clean girl” makeup. (We know, it’s a lot to keep up with.)

To create the look at home, you’ll want to use a warm-toned and highly pigmented blush that blends well. In general, cream or liquid formulas tend to blend into your skin nicely, while leaving behind a glowing finish.

Now onto the application itself. The placement of your blush is key to nailing this trend. Rather than apply the color higher up on your cheeks and cheekbones (the way we do for a lifting effect), you place the blush right onto the apples of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose, and then blend the color downwards to mimic a sunburn. If it helps to have a visual, think of the letter “W” as a guide for how to apply the blush on your face.

Again, if you’re looking for more of a lifted look, this blush placement probably won’t do you any favors. But if you’re genetically blessed with high cheekbones and/or just want to join in on the fun, by all means go for it.

Get the look: e.l.f. Cosmetics Putty Blush ($7); Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush ($20); Saie Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Blush ($24); MAC Glow Play Blush ($31)

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