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A Genius Way to Use Self-Tanner (If Youre Afraid of Self-Tanner)
Jacob Ammentorp Lund/Getty Images

We’re in the final stretch of winter, y’all, and boy does it show. Between the lack of sunshine and cold air blasting us in the face for months, we’re looking a tad, let’s just say, pasty. Here’s a simple self-tanning trick that will bring your glow back without any mess or hassle (or harmful rays).

What you need: A liquid or cream self-tanner (skip the mousse formulas for this) and your daily moisturizer.

What you do: Squeeze a nickel-sized amount of moisturizer into your palm, and then add a drop of self-tanner. Mix it with your hands before rubbing the concoction onto your face and neck. Repeat every morning until you start to see a sun-kissed bronze tint appear. (It should only take a couple of days.)

Why it works: Mixing the self-tanner with moisturizer dilutes the formula a bit so the end results are much more subtle. Plus, thanks to the slippery texture of your lotion, you can smooth it onto your skin easily for an even application (meaning no chances of streaks) and a natural-looking glow.

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