30 Fun, Unique Pedicure Ideas for Your Next Self-Care Day

from animal print to rhinestones and chrome

pedicure ideas: nail tech paints woman's toenails red
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Whether it’s open-toed shoe season or you’re just looking for inspiration for your next self-care day, deciding on pedicure ideas can be challenging. After all, we don’t usually give them as much thought as we do our hands and there are more limitations. (Those three-inch acrylics bedecked in rhinestones aren’t as practical on your toes.) However, that doesn’t mean your pedicure has to be boring. Here are 30 fun, unique pedicure ideas, from dressed-up traditional French tips to chrome, glitter, decals and more to bookmark ahead of your next trip to the salon.

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1. Sparkly Silver

When in doubt, go for metallics. Yes, they’re neutrals, but they’re way more exciting than black, gray, brown, cream or the ubiquitous “Ballet Slippers” whisper of pink.

2. Glitter Waterfall with French Tips

Maybe French tips are your signature look, but you want to change it up. Why not have a cascade of glitter for a big (toe) statement?

3. Cheetah Print with Gold Accents

You picked up the fur coat and smudged on a smokey eye–now complete the mob wife look with a cheetah-print pedicure. Carmela Soprano would say absolutely to the gold accents.  

4. Fuchsia Fantasy

Barbie pink will never truly be out of style—at least as long as the iconic doll reigns over toy store shelves. But now that everyone’s packing up their monochrome fuchsia outfits, you can still pay homage with a bright little peek on the toes.

5. Warm Chocolate Brown

ICYMI, brown has staked its claim as the neutral to watch, and a warm chocolate pedicure will complement the cream and camel shades in your wardrobe seamlessly. 

6. It’s Raining Sprinkles

Glazed donut nails called, and they said don’t forget the sprinkles.

7. Trippy Checkerboard

Give the classic black and white checkers a literal twist with this fun ombré look. 

8. Gold-Flecked Everything

Gold makes everything better. (Or at the very least, shinier.)

9. Queen of Spades

Your French pedicure just got a piercing new detail.

Your French pedicure just got a piercing new detail.

10. Rainbow Avant-Garde

It’s giving Jackson Pollock.

11. Mauve with French Tips

Razor-sharp, square-cut nails and a mauve base make the classic French pedicure a little more exciting.

12. Cotton Candy Unicorn

Takes us back to the days of My Little Pony all over again.

13. Matte Pink with Sparkles

If fuchsia’s not your color, try a soft matte pink with gold glitter. Elegant and feminine without being in-your-face about it.

14. Cherry Red

Cherry red is everywhere, so why not take it to your toes, too?

15. Let’s Get Geometric

For those who live like it’s the 1980s when Pac-Man still ruled the arcade, this pedicure idea is a must. 

16. A Kandinsky Canvas

Calling all modern art fans: Here’s your chance to make a statement with bold colors and geometry.

17. Bejeweled Accents

A little crown of rhinestones takes a pedicure from run-of-the-mill to something special. Less is more, though. Resist the urge to bedazzle every toe; a pop of sparkle will speak for itself.

18. Under the Sea

Headed to the beach? Here’s an on-theme pedicure idea that would make the little mermaid wish she had toes. Feel free to swap the nail color for other tropical hues like seafoam green, sapphire or iridescent creams.

19. Perfect Pointillism

The meticulous details of this pedicure remind us of the precision of the Pointillism art movement and the beautiful art form of henna. Use color theory to select your shades and ensure overall harmony in the design.

20. The Custom Canvas

Why not use your nails as a canvas? Whether you go for this cute quacker or bring your own design, this is a fun pedicure idea with plenty of opportunity to customize.

21. Color Blocking

We love a good color block—just swap out the palette to match the season (or your personal preferences).

22. A Rose by Any Other Name

A floral decal is another fun way to make a standard pedicure more eye-catching.

23. Candy Colors

We’ll be honest: This makes us think of movie theater candy. (In the best and most nostalgic way. Are you team Mike and Ikes or Skittles?)

24. Onyx with Gold Leaf Detail

A Wednesday Addams-approved pedicure idea for your soft goth consideration.

25. Tropical Decals

If you can’t get to the beach, you might as well bring it to you.

26. Glittery and Glam

Since red is the hottest color right now, why not load it up with glitter while you’re at it?

27. Classic Cartoons

We admit Grommit’s looking pretty cute, but Tom & Jerry, Bluey and Looney Toons also get our vote.

28. Disney Doodles

If you’re going for classic cartoons, then a certain mouse also deserves your consideration.

29. The Trompe-l’Oeil

A little trick of the eye is always fun. You’ll fall down the rabbit hole every time you peep at them.

30. Chrome

Metallics are in and that means chrome is, too. From deep orange to reds, blues and greens, this is a fun way to give a little shimmer to saturated colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Type of Pedicure?

The best type of pedicure depends on your lifestyle. As we previously explained, there are four types of pedicures: basic, spa, gel and medical. The basic pedicure usually includes soaking, nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, callus scrubbing, a massage and nail polish application. Note that only a podiatrist or trained medical professional should provide a medical pedicure, which can cater to conditions such as diabetes, corns and ingrown toenails.   

How Much Do Pedicures Cost?

The fee will vary depending on your salon, but on average, you can expect to spend $35, according to data gathered by Statista.

How Often Should You Get a Pedicure?

As celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi previously told PureWow, a good rule of thumb is to get a pedicure every two to three weeks.

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