Exclusive: Kate Hudson Gets Real About Beauty Standards, Botox and Her Christmas Wish List

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They say that beauty comes from within, and Kate Hudson is one celebrity who takes that M.O. to heart. After all, it’s what her mom, the inimitable Goldie Hawn, has been preaching for the past 43 years. “My mom is all about health and sleep...and she was always about food and supplementing properly," the entrepreneur tells PureWow over the phone. "I feel like my mom’s the OG in that way, she was drinking all these tinctures and green juice before anyone was talking about it.”

As a result, the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress grew up prioritizing self-care practices, like meditation. “Our beauty comes from how we feel, and how we’re able to manage our stress,” she explains.

Of course, being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, Hudson is also aware of the more skin-deep treatments happening all around her. Things like fraxel lasers and Morpheus skin-tightening—both of which she’s heard can “really, really hurt”—but she’s yet to go down those rabbit holes. “I haven’t really gotten into any invasive things yet,” she tells us. “I’m sure at some point I will discover how painful these things are, but not yet.”

She’s mindful of how she answers. “My thing about the whole, kind of obsession with…people getting Botox and filler and whatever…is the way that we talk about it,” she says. “My hope is that young girls don’t want to change what they’ve been given, [and know] how beautiful they are, just as they are.”

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As for her own otherworldly glow at all those red carpet premieres and events (Case in point: the Sleigh Your Shopping Rakuten pop-up event she was spotted gleaming at earlier this month), Hudson says it's not magic, but rather good old-fashioned healthfulness. “The thing is, I’m a very healthy person,” she explains. “You can do anything you want in the world, and it’s not gonna change being active and eating right and supplementing correctly. That is where it all starts.”

She adds: “When people start to change the way that they eat, and how they…move their body, you see a huge difference in your skin elasticity, period. There’s no laser that’s gonna help you with that.”

But even the healthiest souls need a *little* extra help from time to time. In addition to biohacking, or “using what we know about science and our bodies to make changes to our health and get different results” (“I’m really intrigued by NAD,” Hudson spills of the co-enzyme that supports healthy aging and DNA repair), regularly taking skin- and health-boosting supplements (she is the founder of INBLOOM, after all) and fighting inflammation anywhere she can (“I think a simple thing everyone can do is throw some ice in their tub and get into it for six minutes”), Hudson swears by a few key products, too.

In fact, she’s put together an entire holiday gift guide over on Rakuten that’s actually useful (a PSA to her loved ones: You might want to peep it), and let PureWow readers in on even more of her holy grail finds, including the Laneige lip sleeping mask that’s been all over your TikTok feed. Better yet? You can earn cash back on each and every one.

“I love the Laneige lip sleeping mask. That is just the best,” Hudson gushes. “I wish I made that product.”

Hudson also couldn’t be a bigger fan of NuFace, an FDA-approved microcurrent device that stimulates your muscles in an effort to improve facial contours. “I’m doing so much on my face—my face is just always being made up at this moment—and so we kind of do it every morning and I love it," the Fabletics owner says.

In fact, she has it in several sizes. “I have all of them!" she gushes. "I love that little Mini, ‘cause you get in the little cracks. I use it on my lips or I use [it] on the side of the mouth, like that sort of jowl area and then around the eyes."

If you pick up just one this holiday season, however, Hudson advises springing for the big one. “I like the power it has, it gets all tingly.”

Between her movies and appearances, her roles at her various companies and being a mom to three kids (Hudson shares son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson, son Bingham with ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy and daughter Rani Rose with fiancé Danny Fujikawa), Hudson travels, a lot. And when she does? She lives in her silk Slip mask. “I love my Slip mask. I don’t travel anywhere without it; it’s always in my bag. ... I love the way they feel.”

Speaking of masks, when Hudson needs to unwind with a little “me” time, she uses a mask she helped create. “I love the mask that I did with Juice beauty,” she confesses. “I do that two, three times a week," she says. "It’s a really, very highly effective mask and I love it.”

A clean beauty junkie through and through, Hudson, like the rest of us, has fallen under the spell of the Ilia Super Serum skin tint with SPF 40. “I really love Ilia, that sort of pure sunscreen tint,” she shares.

When it comes to her own products, Hudson doesn’t just talk the talk. “I use my products every day,” she says. “I do my Essential Elements every day, and then I do, I actually, my Brain Flow every day as well, so basically, all of the INBLOOM, I use every day.”

As she’s gotten older, she’s also introduced collagen (INBLOOM’s is called Beauty Aura) into her routine. “I’ve noticed such a change in my skin and my hair and everything when I started taking my collagen every day,” she says. “The thing that I’ve learned because I’ve been formulating these…what you need when you take collagen, it’s not just collagen, you need to take it alongside a high-dose vitamin C, ‘cause it absorbs better. I’m learning all kinds of good things. Our product absorbs brilliantly, and you’ll see a difference in your skin, for sure."

In fact, with the NuFace, it just may be her dream line-up for anti-aging. “I think the collagen and I think the NuFace product are two things to add to your beauty regime.”  

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