How to Wear Falsies with Hooded Eyes, So They Don’t Weigh Down Your Lids

Fact: Adding false lashes to hooded eyes can give them a visible lift and open them up in ways that eyeshadow or liner alone can’t. You just have to know which kind of lashes work best for your eye shape and their ideal placement—which is exactly where we come in.

1. Go for wispier styles

Thicker, voluminous lashes may seem like a good idea in theory because they look more impactful, but they can add extra weight to your lids, causing your eyes to appear more closed off and droopy. Using a wispier, lighter style gives you the added length you’re going for without weighing down your eyelids.

2. Avoid lashes that are much longer at the outer corners

Aka the cat-eye effect, which is the opposite look you’re going for if your goal is to open up your eyes. Instead, look for lashes that are longest in the center and shorter at the corners, so the emphasis is directly above the pupils. (On that note: You may have to trim the length of your lashes if they extend too far beyond your natural lash line. If you’re new to falsies, we recommend using clusters of lashes over strips for an easier, more precise application.)

3. Look for lashes with thin, flexible bands

These will feel more comfortable throughout the day and ensures that the lashes will fold seamlessly into your natural lash line. (This is something to look out for all eye types, but it’s especially important for hooded eyes, which tend to pull down.)

TL;DR: Avoid wearing lashes that are too long or too heavy on the outer corners, as they can actually make your eyes look (and feel) heavier and more closed off. And if that’s all too much to remember, we’ve got you covered with some hooded-eye friendly styles below.

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