7 Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyelids

Does your eye shadow disappear the second you open your eyes? And is smudging a constant issue? There are certain struggles that are specific to ladies with hooded lids (one of the most searched-for eye makeup topics on Pinterest), but we’ve got some foolproof solutions for you. Here, 7 makeup tips for hooded eyelids (And for more tips, check out our beauty board.)

1. Always Use An Eye-shadow Primer

Because of the way your crease folds into your lids, any makeup placed there is more likely to smudge. Prep your lids with primer so anything applied on top has something to grip.

2. Stick To Waterproof Formulas

Whenever possible use waterproof or water-resistant formulas to, again, ensure less fallout and smudging.

3. Look Straight Ahead

While most of us look down or close one eye when applying any eye makeup, ladies with hooded lids should look straight into the mirror so you can see your crease better.

4. Apply Shadow Slightly Above The Crease

On that note, blend shadows above the crease so they aren’t lost when you open your eyes. Also, avoid dark shades like charcoal or navy as they can make your eyes appear sunken in.

5. Skip Shimmers

Not entirely—just on the brow bone. Shimmer reflects light and emphasizes anywhere it’s applied. Instead, use your shimmery shades in the center of your crease only, so you get a little glimmer whenever you blink.

6. Rethink Your Mascara Placement

Concentrate on the middle lashes, as opposed to the ones along the inner and outer corners. This will round out and balance the shape of your eyes.

7. Clean Up The Edges

As a final step, grab an angled eye shadow brush (or a pointy Q-tip), line it up with the bottom outer corner of your eyes and sweep upwards to clean up any fallout and create a slight lift. Ta-da! You're practically J.Law.

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