How to Shade Match Your Foundation When You Have Freckles

Calling all our (fellow) ladies with freckles: When it comes to finding the right foundation, it can be a tad tricky as there are multiple tones to contend with. Which is why we called on Jerry Johnson, global makeup artist and official artistry executive, for Laura Mercier for some advice.

The verdict? "When looking for your perfect shade, go with a foundation that matches your overall skin tone—not your freckles, as they tend to be darker. To do this, test the color on areas of skin that aren’t covered with spots (like around the chin and jawline)," he says.

And while we're on the topic, we recommend sticking to a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer (over a heavier, full-coverage formula). The goal is to even things out without masking your freckles. Anything that’s too thick will hide your spots and give you that dreaded gray cast.

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