7 Things Every Freckly Person Should Know

Freckles are your friends, ladies. They’re a symbol of youth and are downright charming. In fact, some people have taken to drawing faux speckles on their faces. Still, we know they can be difficult to work with—especially when it comes to color-matching your makeup. So we called on the pros for some guidance.

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Start with Primer
To really make your freckles pop, prep your skin with an illuminating primer first, says Jerry Johnson, global makeup artist for Laura Mercier. It will help even things out and brighten up your complexion before you even begin applying foundation.

Match Foundation to the Lightest Part of Your Skin
When looking for your perfect shade, go with a foundation that matches your skin tone—not your freckles, as they tend to be darker, says Johnson. To do this, test the color on areas of skin that aren’t covered with spots (like around the chin and jawline).

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Stick to Creams or Liquids
Opt for a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even things out without masking your freckles. Anything that’s too thick or heavy will cover up your spots and give you that dreaded gray cast. Apply the foundation with your fingertips to get the most natural effect, says Ashlee Glazer, Laura Geller’s global artistic director.

Conceal Strategically (and Sparingly)
For an even more natural look, spot or pinpoint concealing is your best bet, says Robert Greene, Honey Artists makeup artist. Load a concealer brush with product and gently buff out any areas of discoloration on your face. Typically, this includes the skin underneath your eyes, around the nose and any other specific area you want to target, like a blemish. This will give you an overall even appearance without having to blanket your face in foundation.

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Embrace Bronzer
Gone are the days when our only options were muddy-looking powders. A liquid tint can easily be mixed into your foundation and blends in much more seamlessly with your spots. “It’s my absolute favorite product to use on girls with freckles because it amplifies them and gives them a subtle, sun-kissed glow,” says Azra Red, an editorial makeup artist in New York.

And Never Skip Blush
“Warmer corals and peaches are ideal since they won’t make your freckles look ashy,” says Daniela Gozlan, a celebrity makeup artist. Apply to the apple of your cheeks, blending over the cheekbones and ending at your ears.

Have Fun with Other Colors
Whether it’s a classic red lipstick or this year’s trendy copper eye shadow, a pop of color will complement your freckled features.

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