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4 Highlighting Tips to Make You More Photogenic
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Sometimes there’s nothing better (or easier) than applying a bronze-y highlighter along the high points of your face for an ethereal glow. But surprisingly—and much to our delight—there are other ways to wear highlighter that will give you a brighter complexion, perfect for photographs.

Use a wet sponge for extra shine.
Kerry Cole, global style director for Becca Cosmetics, swears by this great tip to bring your highlighter glow to an 11. 

Paint highlighter on your lashes (yep).
Cole also suggests applying highlighter—gasp—on the ends of your lashes over a wet coat of mascara. The combo of a wet sponge with powdered highlighter and mascara gives a more pigmented look.

Use it under foundation.
Applying highlighter under your foundation makes for a natural finish without the shine.

Play around with tones.
And in case you haven’t figured it out by now, not all silver, gold and metallic highlights work for every skin tone. To draw out the warmer tones in darker complexions, opt for a gold shade like the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter. If you're fair, iridescent and pink tones like BareMinerals Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter are your go-to for a natural shine.

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