Where to Put Highlighter: 7 Places You Never Thought to Try

Oh, highlighter, how we love you. We put you on our cheekbones, brow bones and even down our nose. But we can’t help wanting more. Who’s with us? Behold: seven new (and surprisingly flattering) spots to glow up.

How to Wear Highlighter (Once and For All)

1. Forehead

Mimic a sun-kissed glow in the middle of winter with this secret. Apply highlighter in the center of your forehead, and then lightly brush outward in the shape of a star to blend. Pro tip: Sweep on highlighter before your foundation to diffuse some of the shimmer.

2. Inner Eye Corners

Who needs a third cup of coffee? Erase tired eyes by dabbing highlighter—be it in a soft gold or bolder purple—in the inner corners. It makes you look wide-awake even if you’re running on four hours of sleep.

3. Kinda Just All Over Your Face

Listen, we don’t all have time to strategically strobe individual features. Instead, blend a drop or two of liquid highlighter into your primer. Under foundation, it will blur imperfections and illuminate your skin for a lit-from-within glow in five seconds flat.

4. Décolleté

Specifically, your collarbones. Sweep a light layer of highlighter over each to add a super pretty, slimming sheen.

5. Shoulders

Toned-looking shoulders without all those arm raises? Sign. Us. Up. Just mix a liquid highlighter into your body lotion or sweep powder highlighter on the tops of shoulders for more oomph.

6. Cuticles

This sounds super random, but stay with us. If your hands are going to be photographed (ahem, maybe engagement pics?), apply highlighter around your nails. And opt for a cream formula—it will nourish cuticles and add a natural glow in photos.

7. Legs

This works the same way as highlighter down the bridge of your nose. When focused on the center of shins and thighs, it can actually create the appearance of thinner, longer legs. Maybe a little extra, but who doesn’t want that?

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