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The Secret Trick to Finding Out If Your Hair is Healthy
Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Between blow drying, flat ironing, brushing too aggressively, getting too much sun and standing appointments with your stylist to cover up those roots, it’s nearly impossible to avoid doing some damage to your hair. And while a little dryness is to be expected, here is a way to know if your strands need more TLC than usual. 

What you need: A glass of water and a strand of hair.

What you do: Make sure the glass is at least ¾ full. Then, drop the hair into the glass. If it floats, you’re in the clear. If it sinks into the cup, however, you’re looking at some damage.

What it means: It all comes down to your hair’s porosity, or how absorbent it is. If the cuticle (aka the outer layer) of your hair has been compromised by regular wear and tear, the water will seep through—which is what weighs it down and makes it sink. And roughed-up cuticles cause frizz and color loss.

Here’s the quick fix: Use a weekly (or bi-weekly) mask to bolster your hair's outer layers. And maybe lay off the color and heat for a few weeks, OK?

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