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It’d be nice if we woke up with (or had time in the morning for) a perfectly bouncy blowout. But you know…life (and humidity). So for those times when your strands are less than luscious, here are five tips for faking a better hair day.

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bad hair day wet

If You Fell Asleep with Damp Hair, Re-Wet Anything Weird

Suffering from wonky waves after going to bed with wet hair? Re-wet the weird sections, then blow-dry and style just those parts to save time. Alternately, you could simply change up your part and take a curling iron to the rest to balance out the kinks.

bad hair day mask
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If Locks Are Dry or Dull, Try a Hair Mask

Summer can take a serious toll on your hair. To repair strands that are looking dull or frizzy, reach for a deep-conditioning or reconstructive mask to add moisture, combat humidity and even add shine back into colored hair.

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If Your Hair Is Flat, Try This Hairspray Trick

Don’t let limp strands convince you that you’re going to have a bad hair day. Got 15 seconds and a bit of hairspray? Just spritz, zhuj and voilà: post-blowout volume in no time.

bad hair day scalp
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If You Have Product BuildUp, Cleanse Your Scalp

The perfect hair day starts from the inside out. Try a quick lemon rinse to get rid of icky product buildup so your scalp (and therefore strands) stays clean and gunk-free.

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bad hair day bun


Whether it’s a wet-hair style that’ll turn your locks into gorgeous waves by day’s end, or a new twist on the classic bun, these hairstyles definitely don’t feel like a last resort. (Because who has time for a blowout every morning, anyway?)

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