I Used this Ingrown Bikini Bump Eraser All Over My Body. Here’s What Happened

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I need to confess something…I never really took care of my skin until recently. I accepted its crackly breaks and rough exterior much like how I came to accept my reflection in the mirror. Let me get one thing straight though: This doesn’t mean I have bad hygiene or skimp on essentials like washing my face and applying serums. I have my whole beauty routine down. That’s my me-time, and I honor it, but the thought of adding lotions or oils to my body after showering always felt more like a chore than a luxury to me. That is, until my sister’s nuptials were nearing and I—the co-maid of honor—realized that I’d be in a majority of the photos and delivering a *gulp* sentimental speech in front of hundreds of family and friends with dry skin.

During this time, I found out that my sister, the bride, was a huge proponent of the Fur Oil ($52) and used it regularly to eradicate any signs of ingrown hairs and bumps on her bikini line—which is something I, and I’m sure many others, struggle with—whether you shave, wax, laser or get a vajacial here and there. Anyway, I had to try it out. After reading that it was designed for ‘all over’ care, I thought, What the heck, let’s douse my body in the stuff. And let me just say…best decision ever.

But First, What Is the Fur Oil?


If you’re asking me, I’d say it’s a multi-faceted, moisturizing miracle worker (but more on that in a second). Think of it as a conditioner that was “specifically designed for pubic hair and skin.” Comprised of lightweight oils like grape seed, jojoba, peppermint and lavender oil, to name a few, it makes your skin smell good, look smoother and feel its best. The added tea tree oil works to “eliminate excess oil in the skin to prevent clogged pores and ingrowns,” according to the brand. Plus, it’s free of silicones, parabens, harsh fragrances and phthalates.

Remember, it was designed to use down there, aka your most sensitive area, so you can expect it to be soothing and non-irritating everywhere else. You can even use it on beards, armpit hairs, split ends and scars. (Note that everybody’s skin reacts differently to things, so I suggest patch testing a small area of your body for at least a week before slathering your skin in the oil like I did, in case you experience any irritation.)

My Initial Thoughts


As for the formulation, this concoction beats its competitors by a long shot in consistency, texture, scent and application. The yellow-tinted transparent oil (which, rest assured, goes on clear), comes packaged in the cutest glass bottle with a precision dropper—something I appreciate because I’m a clutz and tend to make messes easily. Designed to not stain your clothes (yes, even silk), the oil has a lemongrass-forward scent that dissipates after a few minutes and a watery consistency that feels rich on your skin. What does this mean exactly? Allow me to explain.

After dispensing a dropper-full of the oil into my palms and applying it to my skin, it trickled down slowly until I rubbed it in, at which point, my skin immediately slurped up every last bit. In other words, the oil feels like it’s actually absorbing deep into the skin versus just sitting on the surface of it, slicking it with a greasy finish. On one hand, this means more drops are required if you want to cover your entire body like I did. On another hand, your skin will thank you.

What Happened When I Applied the Fur Oil to My Entire Body?

Truthfully, I didn’t expect to see any life-changing results, but I was shocked because after a few weeks of consistent use, there was a noticeable difference in my skin. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of product on your skin, this might not be for you. While the rich texture eventually goes away after about 30 minutes, it is quite noticeable upon initial application. I am one of those people who can't stand feeling greasy, so here’s my trick: I apply lotion immediately after the oil, which lessens that skin-flooding feeling. Plus, I’ve found that adding the lotion as a second step enhances the Fur oil’s benefits. You can even take things one step further and press a warm washcloth over your body to enhance absorption of the oil (while also removing some of the excess from your skin).

In addition to having the softest, supplest skin I’ve ever had in my life, I noticed that the overall texture has improved drastically, too. Gone are the days of my skin looking dull and discolored. Instead it looks smooth and even-toned. And I’ll be damned, I no longer have any ingrown hairs along my bikini line either.

Final Thoughts


I’ve tried my fair share of oils on the market and some of them were quite expensive. Considering a bottle of the Fur Oil is $52, I’d say this magic oil in a bottle is worth every penny. From ‘down there’ to everywhere, it’s a multi-faceted product that can be used on ingrowns, irritations, dry skin, split ends—you name it, the Fur oil can help treat it.

After using the oil for over a month, my other sister saw my skin as I was changing into my dress for the wedding and immediately stopped me. She was just as shocked as I was to notice my flawless legs. Seriously, guys, my skin has never looked better or felt smoother. And can I tell you another secret? I’ve grown to love treating my body to this five-minute luxury every day.

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