25 Blue Nail Ideas That Will Add a Pop of Color to Your Manicure

It is the color of the season after all

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While there are various nail theories floating around TikTok persuading us to try specific colors, there is one shade that caught our eye recently. According to Pinterest, the search for “fun blue nails” is up by 260 percent, as more people are looking to the bold hue for mani inspiration. Whether you’re into cobalt, navy or teal, this shade is going to be everywhere this year, which is why we gathered a list of 25 blue nail ideas to take your manicure to the next level. 

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1. Evil Eye Design

Blue is often associated with the evil eye symbol, which is used to ward off bad intentions. So, if you want positive vibes only, use a nail art brush and a mix of blue, white and gold polish to recreate this design on your tips as a talisman. 

2. Evil Eye Stickers

Here’s an option for the non-artistic folks out there. Stickers are incredibly easy to use, so if you were eyeing the first design but not feeling confident about your free-handing skills, grab this sticker pack instead. 

3. Tropical Motifs

This tropical manicure will be great for your next vacay. The cerulean plants and baby blue lines pair nicely with the green palm trees displayed on each nail. 

4. Geode Design

No crystals are needed to recreate this marbled design that resembles popular gems like apatite, azurite or even blue topaz. The key here is to layer on different shades of polish before using an electric nail filer to create the ripple effect. (Need more help? We found a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.) 

5. Dotted Cuticle Art

Add a pop of color without taking over the entire nail. Once you’re sporting a glossy white base, grab a dotting tool and place small blue circles along the base of each nail. 

6. Navy French Tips

We’ve slowly transitioned away from a traditional white French tip style in favor of bolder hues. Exhibit A: This chic navy manicure that pairs nicely with an almond-shaped nail. 

7. Florals

If you’re searching for spring nails, this floral design should be on your radar. The contrasting blue shades offer a dimensional finish—plus, the pop of gold offers an elegant touch.  

8. Daisies

Speaking of florals, this design uses different shades of blue to anchor your two statement nails, which make it even more versatile for any occasion. 

9. Blue Marble

Did you know that blue represents calm and inspiration? All the more reason to consider the shade for your next mani. Once you apply a base coat, use a mixture of white and blue polish to create the marble design. (Psst, here’s a handy tutorial to get you started.)

10. Negative Space

The negative space look is a classic technique that requires nail tape, blue and white polish and a striping brush to get the thin strokes just right. 

11. Blue Splatters

If you’d rather not worry about painting thin, straight lines, grab your favorite blue hues and try your hand at this design, which is intentionally uneven. You’ll be left with a cool masterpiece that deserves to be featured in an art museum. 

12. Gingham Chic

This mani reminds us of spring—and yes, it’s simple enough to recreate on your own. Apply a white polish as your base before using a nail art brush to draw grayish blue boxes on top. 

13. Chrome Tips

As this photo shows, a chrome finish can really elevate your mani. Use nail tape as a guide for painting the tips for a modern French look. 

14. Blue Nova

Benjamin Moore declared “Blue Nova” the color of the year, which they say “captures the spotlight with endless classic appeal.” Coat the entire nail in the hue and consider adding gold detailing for a sophisticated finish. 

15. Matte Nails

You can never go wrong with a matte finish. Pick up your go-to blue polish and apply a matte top coat on top—or, you can pop on some press-ons (like the ones above) to save time. 

16. Colorblock

This design lets you rock two shades at once. First, coat your entire nail in one color before placing a strip of nail tape down the middle. Apply the second color on one side, let it dry for a minute or two and remove the tape to marvel at the contrasting shades. 

17. Confetti Dots

There’s a party going on and your nails are invited. Once your base is dry, grab a dotting tool and place colorful dots all around the tips of your nails. 

18. Glitter Galore

If you’re looking for a mani that will shine bright at any function, consider using any blue glitter polish in your collection to add some sparkle to your look.

19. Aura Nails

Aura nails continue to be popular and blue is a great shade to incorporate into the design because it symbolizes trust and connection. While professionals typically use an airbrush to get the gradient look, you can try to recreate it at home by adding a small drop of polish onto a wedge sponge and pressing it down gently over each nail. Note: You want to press it down a few times to get the faded effect. 

20. Squiggles

ICYMI: Blue squiggles are officially in. Use a thin brush to create charming little dips and curves across your nails. Have fun and don’t worry about making them look so perfect.

21. Abstract Art

Ready to become the ultimate artist? Have a nail brush ready to test out different strokes, lines and angles to mold your mani masterpiece to your liking. 

22. Outline Accents

Give the outer edges of your nails all the attention. Simply use a thin brush to outline the nails in blue, before adding a smattering of small white dots to further bring out the hue. 

23. Sparkling Jewels

Whether you decorate all your nails or prefer a statement finger, jewels are a great addition to any manicure. 

24. Translucent Blue

This design has a cool jelly effect to it, which you can create by diluting blue polish with a few drops of clear top coat to get that translucent finish. 

25. Crocodile Chic

This remixed animal print will definitely turn heads. Deck out the entire nail with it—or just give love to the tips. And of course, there’s always the option to try a mix of both.

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