5 Ways to Invite More Positive Energy Into Your Home

Your home is your haven: Not only is it a reflection of you, it’s where you connect most with your people. But between using your kitchen table as a workspace, your living room as a gym and your bathroom as a take-home test center, the #vibes are off this year (as Gen Z would say). Not to worry, you just need to invite the happiness in. Here, five simple ways to bring more positive energy into your home.

yankee candle well living
Yankee Candle

1. Use Fragrance To Set The Tone

Transform the mood and energy of your home with fragrances and candles that allow you to stop and make the most of every moment—and transition the same space from at-home office to calm and comforting living room. We’re keen on Yankee Candle’s new Well Living Collection, which is made with essential oils, natural-fiber double- and triple- wicks, and blended with coconut and soy wax. These wellness-inspired fragrances and wax melts, like Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe or Peaceful Lavender & Sea Salt, can help inspire feelings of refreshment and rejuvenation for you and your family after a long day—or, let’s be honest, long year(s).

Shop the items: Yankee Candle Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe medium candle ($25); Yankee Candle Peaceful Lavender & Sea Salt large candle ($31)

colorful plants
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2. Go Green (and Red And Pink And Yellow, Too)

We’ve long known that indoor plants can help purify the air, boost our mood and even help us sleep better. But take it one step further by opting for colorful flowering plants whose joyous hues will immediately brighten your day. Think: pink philodendron, the striated aglaonema, colorful quill plants and bold anthurium. (Bonus: Use old candle jars to plant succulents or garden cuttings as a therapeutic and eco-friendly way to transform your space.)

Shop the items: The Sill Bromeliad Antonio Pink ($55); Greendigs Anthurium plant ($55)

inspiration wall
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3. Bring Inspiration In

Whether it’s a favorite phrase, pop art poster or meaningful quote, it’s easy to feel more positive when you’re literally surrounded by examples of it. Better yet, create a “gratitude wall” with kids by asking them to write what they’re thankful for each day on a sticky note. Display it in a highly trafficked area of your home for all to see (and be uplifted by).

Shop the items: Garden24 “Note to Self” print ($10); Society6 “Funky Herbs” poster ($19)

jewelry tray

4. Keep Clutter At Bay

Toys strewn across the floor, the mail stacked high on the counter, and jewelry, makeup and brushes littering the vanity. Eradicate mood-busting stressors by creating designated “drop zones” to contain clutter: a drawer by the front door for bills, a woven basket in the living room for toys and a catchall on the vanity for everyday accessories. Clutter-free house = a healthier and happier mental space.

Shop the items: Crate & Barrel vanity tray ($20); West Elm woven seagrass basket ($41)

meditation room
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5. Set Up A Meditation Area

Even banishing clutter won’t cut it when your home is as multipurpose as it is these days—and you can still hear the incoming email ding from two rooms away. That’s probably why “emotional escape rooms” are trending for 2022. Create an inner sanctum (it can even be a small corner of an already occupied room) specifically designed to cultivate a good mood: pillows on the floor, fluffy throws and wellness-inspired fragrances. Your very own zen den awaits.

Shop the items: World Market ivory faux sheepskin area rug ($40); Target Opalhouse square heathered macrame throw pillow ($25)


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