The 9 Best Mascara Tricks in the Whole World

Love your lashes

One of our favorite parts of our beauty routine is the drastic transformation from drowsy and bleary-eyed to fresh-faced, all thanks to our trusty magic mascara wand. And since we cherish the little tube so dang much, we pulled together nine mascara tricks every lady should know.

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To Add Length

Run the wand over the top side of the tips of lashes first, then apply from root to tip on the underside as you normally would.

To Prevent Above-eye Smudges

Always fan your freshly wet lashes against your finger to stop the formula from leaving marks on your eyelid.

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To Cover Your Bottom Lashes

Use a spoon to apply mascara underneath your eye to avoid skin smudges.

To Declump Lashes

Use a disposable mascara wand dipped in makeup remover to do away with clumps on lashes.

To Recover From An Eye Poke

Use a moisturizer and Q-Tip to clean any smudges.

To Keep It From Drying Out

Instead of pumping your wand in and out of the mascara before each application, simply lift it out of the formula and apply. Air bubbles that get trapped from multiple pumps of the applicator can dry out the makeup.


To Keep It From Globbing Up

Soak an almost-empty tube in hot water for a couple minutes to loosen up any inconsistencies on the inside.


To Improvise When You Run Out

Try Vaseline, which mimics the effect by leaving lashes looking thick, shiny and voluminous.

To Buy The Right Kind From The Start

Use travel-size mascara, since they last only as long as they should (you’ll finish the tube within the acceptable three-month window), and they’re easier to use when it comes to reaching those tiny hairs in the corners of your eyes.

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