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Want to try your hand at some nail art? We consulted Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder & CEO of Olive & June (aka one of our favorite spots for on-trend manicures), on the most foolproof colors to pair for beginners.

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Tonal Neutrals

"Neutral colors within the same family can be much more forgiving, as little imperfections are less noticeable. Pink on nude or anything tonal like light blue on a slightly darker blue always works well," says Tuttle.

Glitter + Any Color

When in doubt, layer a glitter, shimmer and holographic polish over any shade to get the most impact in a few swipes. Tip: Keep it concentrated to the tips for a gradient effect.

White Accents + Bright Hues

"Colors that pop a bit, like white, are easier to paint with because they allow you to instantly see where you are painting and correct any mistakes quickly," says Tuttle.

White Accents + Sheer Neutrals

Don't put down that white polish just yet. For your next mani, try mixing it over a sheer neutral to create a marbled effect.

Black + Burgundy

Prefer a vampier vibe? Black and burgundy pair nicely (and don't show any telltale streaks or wobbly lines because the colors are so dark). This works well with a rich navy as well. 

Textured Topcoat + Primary Colors

Fact: One of the easiest ways to dip your toe (or fingers) into DIY nail art is to add a special effect topcoat over a stark color like white or black. Bam! Instant party.

Multiple Shades At Once

Last but not least, meet our go-to move when we've hit maximum decision fatigue: a multi-color mani that delights our inner child. 

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