My name is Sarah and I’m obsessed with eyebrows. (No shame.) They’re perfect for framing the face, and if you doubt me, Google celebrities without eyebrows—it’s chilling. I’m constantly asking others how they keep theirs in check. And since I work in an office full of women, many of whom write about beauty, I had to ask my fellow editors: If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring only one brow product, what would it be? Here’s what they said.

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brow products no7

“I bought the No7 Beautiful Brow Pencil on a whim at Duane Reade, and I'm really glad I did. My brows tend to be patchy, which is supremely annoying, and this pencil adds just the right amount of filler. Also, it's creamy enough but not too creamy, and the color doesn't dry out like I've experienced with other brands (if that makes sense?).” –Lauren Gniazdowski, Editorial Operations Director

brow products diorshow

“I’m very much in love with the Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil. I brush my brows with the handy-dandy spool on the end, then use the thin, waxy pencil to fill in my brow bald spots. The waxy consistency stays put, and the thinness of the pencil allows strokes to look like natural hair.” -Lex Goodman, Entertainment and News Editor

brow products glossier

“I don’t exactly have the eyebrows I had in high school, but Glossier’s Boy Brow made me, like, believe in my face again. I sometimes like to first fill in gaps with a soft pencil, and L’Oreal’s is kinda foolproof. No precision required.” –Susan Waits, Fashion Director

brow products aquaphor

“Fortunately my eyebrows don’t need much filler or color, but they can get unruly, so I use Aquaphor to keep them in place. Plus, it adds just a touch of shine.” –Rachel Gulmi, Editor

brow products benefit

“Mine was always Benefit’s Gimme Brow Gel. It was the perfect mix of grooming and tint. I have some weird inherited eyebrow traits and it tamed them…until they recalled it recently. So I switched to Boy Brow, which does the same thing and is cheaper.” –Katherine Gillen, Editorial Assistant

brow products mercier

“I use Laura Mercier brow pomade and powder duo, but the real trick is to buy like 15 of these $3 brow brushes from E.L.F. and keep them handy—those spoolies can get gross pretty fast.” –Lindsay Champion, Food and Wellness Director

brow products euro wax center
European Wax Center

“I love European Wax Center’s brow gel [available at EWC locations nationwide]. It’s super easy to use and perfect for doing a really quick shaping before you run out of the house. This is also coming from someone who pretty much ignores her eyebrows completely, so it’s the only brow product I use.” –Abby Hepworth, Assistant Editor

brow products anastasia
Anastasia Beverly Hills

“I have super-thin brows, so I use Anastasia's brow kit, which I love, because the sharp little brush lets you draw on each little hair individually or just slide it sideways if there’s no time. Also, there’s a highlighter, which adds that extra bit of polish after you have filled in your brows. It's like saying Hi, world, look at how nicely these brows are shaped.” –Dana Dickey, L.A. Editor

brow products verb

As for my product, it’s kind of weird. Despite my preoccupation with brows, I’m very low maintenance with my own. I have thick, dark brows that have almost zero arch. I don’t pluck, wax or thread, but I do use Verb’s Strong Hairspray. Every morning, I spray a little on my fingers (more on that here) and run them through each brow from the inner corner out. It keeps them in place and makes them look a touch darker—not a bad thing in my book.

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