The 5-Second Secret to Better Brows Is Probably Already in Your Bathroom

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Our beauty routine is…extensive. As such, we’re constantly looking for ways to streamline it by finding multipurpose products that save us makeup-bag space and a little money. One product we recently kicked to the curb? Brow gel. Here’s how to achieve that trendy bold look without it.

What you need: Hairspray and your own two hands.

What you do: Spritz a little bit of hairspray on the tips of your middle fingers, then swipe them over your brows, moving from the inside out a few times. You can even mimic a spoolie brush by feathering your strokes upward as you go.

That’s it? Yep. You’ll obviously have the staying power from the hairspray, but they might appear a little darker, too (kind of like how your hair looks darker when it's wet).Sure, if you need to fill in gaps or color-correct, you should probably stick to a precision pencil. But if you’re only looking to tame a few unruly pieces, a little Sleek & Shine might be all you need.

Now all you have to do is decide how to spend the $15 you just saved.

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