October is a glorious month for many reasons. There’s the brightly colored foliage and spiced coffee drinks, the bountiful apple orchards and the warm apple pies, the return of scarves and sweaters and a slew of new beauty launches to round out the fall festivities. From a tinted sunscreen that actually delivers on coverage to a perfume that makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped in cashmere, here are the seven beauty products we’re most excited about right now.

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best beauty products in october Tower28 SunnyDays Broad Spectrum SPF 30

1. Tower28 SunnyDays Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Tinted sunscreens just make sense for where we are now—which is mostly at home and often on a computer or phone screen. You get the daily UV protection you need (yes, even when you’re indoors, unless you live in a windowless cave) with a subtle veil of color that softens any redness and evens out your complexion. This one from Tower28 has buildable coverage and comes in 14 shades that were created with different skin tones (and skin sensitivities) in mind. In fact, it’s the first complexion makeup product to receive the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance—welcome news for anyone who is prone to flare-ups.

$30, waitlist open now; on sale 10/12 at tower28beauty.com and Sephora

2. JVN Complete Air Dry Cream

Anyone who has even the slightest bit of wave to their hair knows the importance of a good styling cream. The right one tames frizz, reduces puffiness and defines your curls or waves without weighing things down. Bonus points if it also makes your hair feel softer and look shinier. This one delivers on all fronts while also scenting your strands with a clean, non-cloying fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm.

Buy it ($24)


3. Olay Vitamin C + Peptide 24 Brightening Eye Cream

If you’re looking for a non-sticky, non-irritating eye cream that you can easily layer under or over your concealer without worry that it will pill or cause those annoying little milia bumps, this is it. With a cooling gel cream texture that sinks into your skin quickly, it feels especially nice on those mornings when you’ve woken up with puffy eyes.

Buy it ($29)

4. Olive & June Caramel Apple Spice Set

Let us paint you a picture: It’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just shut your laptop after finishing your last work-related task for the week. The weather is brisk enough that it warrants a hoodie and overcast enough that it invites you to stay in for the night. Maybe you turn on some music and paint your nails a moody red or brown or rose gold. Or maybe you try a different color on each finger to create the ultimate fall palette? Either way, this tonal set has you covered, right down to the glossy topcoat.

Buy it ($48)

5. Milk Makeup Bionic Liquid Blush

One of the most oft repeated phrases in beauty is “a little goes a long way” (right up there with “dewy glow”). Both things are true when it comes to this blush, though we’d describe the glow it gives as more “satin smooth” than dewy. Now, back to the application: A sesame seed sized squeeze should more than suffice for each cheek. Give it a few taps with your fingertips to blend in the color and watch your face come to life, like a flower in bloom.

Buy it ($20)

6. Ellis Brooklyn Super Amber Eau de Parfum

Turning leaves, apple orchards, spiced drinks and cozy knits: It’s hard to stay sad about the end of summer when you know what awaits in the fall. Along with the soft flannel shirt we’ve been wearing several times a week, we’ve been spraying this warm, woodsy scent to further lean into the season. With notes of amber, cedarwood and vanilla orchid, it smells familiar in a way that’s deeply comforting. The bronzed glass bottle and magnetic cap, which snaps in place after every use, are nice additions too.

Buy it ($105)

7. Em Cosmetics Cosmic Pearl Eyeshadow

Along with high heels and constrictive pants, we’ve done away with heavy makeup over the last year (see tinted sunscreen above). Gone are the coats of eyeliner and layered eyeshadows. All we want is ease and breeze and this pearlescent eyeshadow delivers just that. The shimmery shadow feels creamy against the fingertip as you pat it over your lids, and gives them a twinkle that pops on Zoom and livens up eyes when you’re out in the world with a mask covering most of your face. It comes in seven shades, but we find “Moonrise,” a rosy champagne, the easiest to wear for any occasion (or non-occasion).

Buy it ($26)

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