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We take off our makeup with coconut oil and moisturize with grapeseed oil, but that doesn't mean we know everything about natural oils as beauty solutions. Case in point: castor oil, which we've heard people say improves everything from hair quality and skin clearness to brow thickness. Naturally (sorry), we did some research. Here are five things you can do with just a few drops.

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beauty uses for castor oil hair

Grow Stronger Hair

Castor oil contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, both of which are useful for encouraging healthy hair growth. It’s also effective at treating dandruff, since is has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Rubbed into the scalp, it deeply moisturizes and helps stimulate circulation to promote hair growth.

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beauty uses for castor oil brows

Thicken Brows

Bold brows are still trending. To grow yours naturally, apply castor oil (which works on brow hair the same way it does on head hair) with a spoolie brush and wait for Delevingne-level thickness. (Positive thoughts, right?)

beauty uses for castor oil lashes
mapodile/Getty Images

Lengthen Lashes

Skip the extensions. To once again use the hair-growing power of castor oil, dip a clean spoolie brush into the oil and run through your lashes a few times (just as you would with mascara) each evening. In the morning, remove any excess oil with makeup remover. 

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beauty uses for castor oil lips
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Moisturize Lips

Harness the same moisturizing properties that work wonders on a dry scalp to treat dry lips. Dab a tiny bit of oil on your lips morning and night, and they’ll feel smoother and more hydrated almost immediately.

beauty uses for castor oil acne
PeopleImages/Getty Images

Combat Acne

Add castor oil to the list of natural solutions for certain types of acne (like those caused by stress or poor diet). Using a cotton round, rub a few drops of the oil on any spots that are breaking out and leave it overnight. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, which fights off bacteria that sometimes contributes to blemishes. 

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