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Ever go into the salon for a “tiny trim” and come out looking like a pineapple? (You know, with tons of choppy, Rachel Green layers?) We feel your pain—which is why we’ve pulled together your post-cut plan to ease you through the grow-out phase.

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Give It Some Time
Though you probably want to fix the cut immediately, go home (pour yourself a gallon of Pinot Grigio) and let it settle for at least a few days. After washing and styling it yourself a couple times, you’ll get a better idea of how the hair falls. 

Break Out the Iron
This is especially helpful for hiding unwanted layers. When your hair is straight, everything is more visible. A few curls can break them up and help to hide any uneven lines. 

And Corral the Styling Products
A little sea-salt spray adds fullness and texture (which helps to blend any uneven strands with the rest of your hair), while a dollop of lightweight gel can be used to slick down or twist back shorter pieces.


Switch Up Your Part
Not only does it instantly give you more volume at the roots, but a simple switch of the part can also change the entire shape of a cut. You just might be surprised. 

Try New Styles
Think beyond the basic ponytail. By adding a tiny twist or braid, you can quickly snazz things up (and hide a multitude of sins in the process). Or to fake some extra length, try a half-up, half-down look. 

And Experiment with Accessories
If dexterity (or extra time) really isn’t an option, get thee some accessories. From the humble bobby pin to a chic barrette, a little adornment can create quite the pretty distraction.

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Change the Color               
Having dimension (think: balayage or highlights) in your hair is typically a good thing. But in the case of a bad cut, it calls attention to all of the choppy bits that you’re trying to hide. Ask your stylist to blend the colors—or opt for a single process dye to help disguise the cut as it grows.

Head Back to the Salon
Now, you might have to take off a little more hair to even things out. With that in mind, go back to your stylist with very specific notes on exactly what's bothering you with the current cut. For example, the way the ends flip up because of where they sit along your collarbone—or the disparity between the front layers and the back ones.

Let It Grow Out
On average, hair grows between a quarter- to a half-inch every month. Keep things moving along by giving it some TLC (by doing weekly masks, eating right and staying hydrated) and you’ll be back to your pre-cut length soon enough.

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