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Coconut oil cleansing pads. Yes, they're even more delightful than they sound. Picture pillowy soft cotton rounds pre-soaked in coconut oil and neatly packaged in a sealed container that won't spill over if you end up having to gate check your bag.

A single pad melts away every last trace of makeup effortlessly and even tackles sunscreen—which is notoriously difficult to remove—without so much as a tug. Simply slide your fingers into the pocket of a pad and swipe the smaller side over your eyes and lips and the larger side over the rest of your face to get the job done. The cotton is lightly textured for gentle buffing and exfoliation, but not so scratchy that you can't use it over the delicate skin around your lids. 

And if you need a little extra cleansing, flip the pad inside out for another pass at that long-wearing foundation. When you're finished, rinse off the silky suds and revel in how soft and clean your skin feels. Formulated with 100 percent virgin coconut oil and special emulsifiers that ensure you won't be left with any pore-clogging residue on your face, you get all of the beauty benefits of coconut oil (i.e. the fatty acids and natural emollients) without the risk of breaking out.

Oh, and the scent: It's unmistakably tropical but in the fresh, I'm on an actual beach sort of way (and less reminiscent of the sickly sweet and artificially fruity body spray you used to douse yourself in when you were a tween). 

40 pads per container mean 40 days of cleansing (which is more than enough to cover Christmas at home and perhaps a post-holiday getaway or two).

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