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Whether it’s your in-laws, boss or very best friend from elementary school, we all have at least one person in our life who throws around fancy words like “peaty” or “leggy” and has definitely tasted the most expensive bottle on the menu. But buying wine can be intimidating, let alone giving it as a gift. No worries, friend: That’s what we’re here for. If you're seeking gifts for wine lovers, we have recommendations for bottles, gadgets and wine-centric tools that will please everyone from your aunt who loves pinto grigio on ice to your best friend who’s really into “natty” wine. Here are the 25 best wine gifts (starting at under $10).

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1. Moët et Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne, N.V.

Best for bubbly lovers

If you’re looking to impress, you can’t go wrong with a festive bottle of bubbly. This classic Champagne has notes of apple, pear, honey and brioche—festive indeed.

Buy it ($50)


2. Corkcicle 25-Ounce Insulated Canteen

Best for beach drinkers

This sleek canteen has a secret: It can hold an entire bottle of wine. Oh, and even better, it will keep said wine cold for up to 25 hours, thanks to a three-layer insulated stainless steel construction.

Buy it ($40)

Wine Enthusiast

3. Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Best fancy wine glass

These hand-blown crystal wine glasses are the gold-standard among sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike. They’re extremely delicate and just the right size and shape for any red, white or rosé (and they’re dishwasher-safe).

Buy it ($59 for one)


4. Rabbit Walnut Two-Step Corkscrew

Best wine corkscrew

A classic waiter’s corkscrew (aka a double-hinge or two-step corkscrew) will be the most useful tool in your wine-lover’s kit—none of that newfangled business here. This one is dressed up in walnut for a smooth, sleek finish.

Buy it ($30)


5. 2019 Keep it Chill Chillable Red

Best for fans of chilled reds

If the only thing your recipient loves more than rosé year round is a refreshingly cold red wine, this bottle—a medium-bodied blend that tastes similar to a gamay—is just the gift to give.

Buy it ($23)

Ruth Lewandowski Wines

6. Ruth Lewandowski Feints Co-Ferment, Mendocino, California

Best for natural-wine lovers

Trust us: It doesn’t matter who you give this gorgeous light red to; they’ll love you forever. Carbonic maceration keeps it fresh, light and unexpected. (Need more convincing? It’s our food editor’s favorite bottle.)

Buy it ($25)


7. Felt Wine Carrier

Best for BYO-winos

This stylish wine carrier will ensure that no bottle is left behind. Made of thick felted Merino wool with leather straps, it keeps chilled bottles cool (no magic involved) and fits up to two Champagne-size bottles.

Buy it ($64)


8. 2019 Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy White Blend

Best for white-wine drinkers

You know that one aunt who only drinks Pino Grigio and scares you a little? She’ll swoon over this elegant, citrusy white blend, which has notes of lemon, lime and lychee.

Buy it ($16)


9. Rabbit Electric Wine Opener and Preserver

Best for tech nerds

This one goes out your pal (or mom, or sister) who can never finish a bottle before it goes bad. The electric opener removes the cork without any twisting, and the preserver will keep that bottle fresh for up to a week.

Buy it (from $75)


10. OXO Steel Expanding Leakproof Wine Stopper

Best for “one-glassers”

Another option for those who prefer to finish a bottle slowly are these low-tech stoppers. The flat top keeps a fridge-friendly profile, and the leakproof seal will keep wine fresh for a few extra days.

$10 at Amazon

Clarkson Potter

11. Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier by Aldo Sohm with Christina Muhkle

Best for wine beginners

This is not your typical stuffy wine textbook. Instead Wine Simple lives up to its title with easy-to-follow infographics, knowledge and encouragement that will turn even the most beginner oenophile into a wine buff.

$24 at Amazon


12. Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack

Best for wine collectors

For anyone with a burgeoning collection of wine at home, this minimalist Vermont-made ash wood rack makes an ideal (and compact) place to store their favorite bottles.

$40 at Amazon


13. 2019 Les Bobos Chardonnay

Best for Chardonnay skeptics

Everyone knows at least one person who poo-poos Chardonnay (“Too buttery!”). Give them this surprisingly mineral-forward and citrusy bottle to change their mind.

Buy it ($16)


14. 2016 Chateau des Jacques Morgon Cote du Py

Best for red-wine lovers

This juicy, rich Morgon is just the thing to give that one person on your list who always, always picks a light- to medium-bodied red.

Buy it ($38)

Crate and Barrel

15. Swoon Carafe

Best for frequent entertainers

Not only does this handmade glass carafe make pouring a glass look and feel fancy, it also serves as a decanter to let that vino breathe.

Buy it ($40)

Astor Wines

16. 2017 Gaillac, “Les Gourmands,” L’Enclos des Braves

Best for adventurous drinkers

This organic and biodynamic red is unlike anything else they’ve tasted. It’s full of dark fruit flavors, rich but still light, and begging to be paired with a plate of cheese. Give this one to your most adventurous friend.

Buy it ($20)


17. Pewter Wine Coaster

Best for casual hosts

A chilled bottle and a wood table equals disaster…unless you have a handy wine bottle coaster. This one is handmade out of pewter and has a cork bottom to protect that precious furniture. It’s an instant heirloom.

Buy it ($80)


18. Stone Cold Marble Wine Chiller

Best for forgetful chillers

A marble wine chiller is certain to please your one friend who always has to put an ice cube in their drink. The honed banswara marble will keep a bottle cold all night (and even colder if you store it in the freezer).

Buy it ($40)


19. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

Best for party-throwers

Instead of a cheesy wine charm, gift them these washable markers to ID their glass. The ink dries quickly so there’s no risk of smearing, but it washes off easily with dish soap and warm water.

$9 at Amazon


20. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Best for wannabe wine pros

Similar to a decanter, this nifty wine pourer instantly oxygenates your wine as you pour it. Gift it to the person who knows more about wine than you do.

$16 at Amazon


21. Monopol Westmark Germany Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Cover

Best for vintage wine fans

If they like to age their wines, this corkscrew will remove old corks like no one’s business. The two-prong construction keeps brittle, crumble corks in one piece so nothing falls into the bottle.

$22 at Amazon


22. Reidel O Merlot Wine Tumblers

Best for stemless sippers

Everyone loves a stemmed glass, but sometimes you want something a little more casual. These stemless beauties are easy to wash, store and drink from (and they make an excellent margarita glass, just saying).

$44 at Amazon


23. Vintage French Ice Bucket

Best for unashamed ice lovers

While not strictly necessary, an ice bucket makes the moment feel elevated, no? These gorgeous vintage French vessels are all unique, so the exact design will be a surprise.

Buy it ($80)


24. Tinted Modern Champagne Flutes

Best for Champagne drinkers

If you ask us, a glass of Champagne tastes better when sipped from a Champagne-tinted glass. These are crafted from shatter-resistant crystal, so they’re as sturdy as they are beautiful.

Buy it ($74)


25. Libbey Vina White Wine Glasses, Set of 6

Best for anyone and everyone

So you love them but you don’t want to spend $62 per glass on them (see item no. 1 on this list). No worries. These classic wine glasses look and feel like a million bucks, but won’t cost an arm and a leg to replace when they break. Psst: They’re called white wine glasses, but they’re good for any varietal.

$20 at Amazon

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