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We've heard wine described as "biodynamic," and we definitely know it's a good attribute. Sort of like calling it organic or sustainable. But if you pressed us for more info, we'd probably turn a pretty shade of Merlot. So we did some digging to find out all the deets.

In short, biodynamics is a holistic approach to winemaking. Yes, zero synthetic chemicals or additives are used. But it’s much more than that.

It involves caring for all the parts of the vineyard—from the soil to the other plants and organisms—not only the grapevines. The quality of a wine is interconnected with its entire ecosystem, all the way up to the spiritual forces of the cosmos. This could mean watering and harvesting at different phases of the moon or positions of the planets. So basically, it’s winemaking with a touch of astrology. Pretty awesome. 

Whether or not you buy into the spiritual component, biodynamic wines are usually quite evocative of the place they’re grown. (That terroir gets us every time.) Want to dip your glass in but don’t know where to start? Try this biodynamic cava or this Chardonnay.

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