This Brilliant Trick Will Restore a Bottle of Flat Champagne to Its Bubbly Glory

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We love Champagne, so, in theory, we have zero issues with downing a whole bottle immediately. But if, for some strange reason, you have some left over, here’s a quick trick that will revive that almost-flat bottle in your fridge to its bubbly glory.

What You Need: An open, flat bottle of Champagne (or any other type of bubbly) and a single raisin. (Yep, that’s it.)

What You Do: Drop the raisin in the bottle, step back for a couple minutes and let it work its magic.

The Results: Fizz like you just popped the cork.

Why It Works: The remaining carbon dioxide in the bottle clings to the ridges in the raisin, then releases itself back into the liquid creating cascading effervescence all over again. Science is amazing.

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