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Mulled wine and pie and sweaters and slow-cookers…these are a few of our favorite things. But setting the alarm for 6 a.m., getting out from under the comforter and yanking on tennis shoes when it’s dark and 20 degrees? Um, not so much. So how do we avoid sloth status when the days get shorter? Here, five simple ways to get up and active in winter.

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shared calendar

Create a Shared Workout Calendar with a Buddy

When no one is there to make sure you hit the gym after work, it can be tough to forgo the sweatpants and Stranger Things you’ve been pining for all day. Whether it’s a Google calendar or another joint scheduling app, it’s easier to stay motivated when your BFF or coworker is holding you accountable for that spin class you both signed up for. Plus, the calendar reminders will keep you focused and mentally prepare you for your upcoming workout.

bed yoga dog

Make It a Part of Your Morning Routine

We know, we know: You’re not a morning person and it’s too cold and there’s no way you can get up in the dark. But a new study from the journal Health Psychology just found that it’s easier to form habits in the morning when cortisol levels are higher. So instead of putting off the gym until after work, get the blood flowing in the a.m. One way we love? Starting our day with the Yoga Wake Up app, which you can literally do on top of your covers. Namaste in bed, anyone?

workout velvet jacket

Wear Workout Clothes You Want to Show Off

One of the best motivations for us to get out of bed when it’s chilly? Thinking about bundling up in our cute new sweaters and ankle boots. And the same goes for your workout gear. Bright neon running shoes, velvet hoodies and palm-frond-covered leggings: Make your running route a runway in cute and functional (read: thermal) athleisure for the cooler temps.


Set Goals that Align with the Holidays

Instead of trying to avoid all the foods you love come Thanksgiving (pies and stuffing and corn bread, mmm), set fitness goals that coincide with upcoming holidays: lose three pounds by Christmas, be able to run five miles by New Year’s, etc. That way, you can give yourself a bit of a reward (a slice or two of that pecan pie you’ve been dreaming of) once you achieve them.

home workout

Create an Easy Indoor Workout Plan

When it’s just too freezing to run your normal route, have a backup in place that doesn’t require too much planning. There are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube (we love these ones from Alexis Novak and Anna Victoria), so fire up your laptop, grab a spot in the living room and work up a sweat. Take that, inclement weather.

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