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Whoops, White Bread Might Not Be So Bad for You After All
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White bread is basically poison, right? Maybe not. A new study from the Weizmann Institute of Science found that when it comes to whole-wheat versus white bread, the effects are pretty personal. 

The study, published in Cell Metabolism, monitored people who ate traditional supermarket white bread and people who ate artisanal whole-wheat sourdough. The results were surprising. Typically, nutritionists warn us to stay away from white bread because it causes a blood sugar spike, which later results in a crash. But in the study, half of the participants had higher blood sugar immediately after eating the white bread, whereas the other half had higher blood sugar after eating the sourdough. The other factors the study measured, including levels of fat, cholesterol and essential minerals like calcium, remained unchanged.

So what’s the lowdown? The scientists concluded that people's glycemic indexes react differently to white bread because of the unique array of microbes in our gut. Yes, brown bread has more fiber. But white bread shouldn’t be considered “unhealthier.” This calls for a grilled cheese.

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