What 2020 Means for Taurus

2020 will bring bulls some much-needed serenity in their home environment, as well as bringing purpose to their goals and helping break through walls and out of blocks. This year will be all about reflection, love, home and family. Basically, all the things that really matter in life.

Love: This year could be challenging romantically for Taurus, but relationships that make it through will be stronger than ever. Be wary of flying off the handle with loved ones when the pressure from other parts of your life starts to get the better of you. 

Money: This will be a year of significant financial gains for this hardworking earth sign, ushering in a new era of financial stability. Use the windfall to put in place a safety net and chip away at long-term debt so you can make your prosperity last into 2021 and beyond. 

Career: The start of this year might be tough for bulls trying to kick-start their careers as they’ll face difficulty managing their shifting goals. A change to your daily routine could help get the creative juices flowing faster while you wait things out until spring when something you considered a hobby could turn out to be your next big adventure.

Health & Wellness: This year, bulls will be all about developing good health and wellness practices. Focus on establishing a new health and wellness routine that feels both manageable and exciting as a way to cope with days when you’re feeling creatively or emotionally stuck.

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