Taurus is symbolized by a raging bull, but there’s also a soft, sensitive side to this beast. They are famously devoted, loving and loyal—so they fight hard, but they love harder. Here, tips on how to tame them (or at the very least, play nice).

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If Your Spouse Is Impatient…

Not a fan of boredom, waiting in long lines or lingering lunches, Tauruses are “doers” who look for immediate solutions to or outlets for their frustration. “Taurus isn’t always the best at coping with stress and when they are feeling tense they can become frustrated and let off steam by ranting and raving,” per astrologists. If your partner has a short attention span and a short fuse, do not fight fire with fire. Instead, get real about her limitations (don’t invite her to your family reunion; meet her for a run after). If she’s irritable due to insomnia, chronic pain or stress, take action to help. Prioritize sleep as a couple. Hand her the Advil or just go ahead and book the vacation, rather than texting her destination ideas. Sure, the problem may be hers, “But the only person you can change is yourself,” writes happiness guru Gretchen Rubin. “If you change, a relationship changes, and if you behave differently, you may find your sweetheart’s crabbiness lifting.”

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If Your Partner Is a Tad Too Blunt…

Bull in a china shop much? Intolerant of anything (or anyone) they deem “‘fake,’ the Taurus has a powerful ability to sniff out bull-s%@*,” per the astrologists at Zodiac Fire. But what if faking it is essential to making it in certain social situations (see: cocktail parties, company picnics and Parents’ Night Out)? It’s not so fun being resentful in the corner while your partner munches on his foot. Step 1? Seek empathy. “Often we unthinkingly make assumptions about why other people act the way they do, and can be surprised when we learn what's really going through their heads,” explains Social Awkwardness expert Chris MacLeod. “You may think someone talks too much because they're selfish and attention starved, but they really do it because they get nervous and feel they have to fill every empty second.” Step 2: Do you. Rather than police your S.O.’s interactions, advises one etiquette expert, “Focus completely on [another] person and your conversation and soon you’ll be so absorbed that your anxiety will dissolve and you can enjoy the event.”

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If Your Spouse Is Suspicious…

Tauruses are fiercely loyal, faithful and expect the same of partners, which may be why they tend to sniff around for (nonexistent) signs of trouble. “Possessiveness, which often translates into jealousy and resentment, is one major negative trait in the Taurus-born,” according to astrologers. Here’s a fresh idea: Ignore your S.O.’s insecurity and focus instead on anything positive he brings to the table. Then praise him for it. Loudly. Relationship coach Laura Doyle calls this the “spouse-fulfilling prophecy”—her theory being that our partners will repeat whatever behavior we reinforce. Instead of calling him “paranoid,” tell him how much you trust him and how grateful you feel that he supports your independence (even if this feels false). “Act as if he’s already the way you want him to be,” Doyle writes. “He just might step into your vision for him.”

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