What 2020 Means for Libra

2020 for Libras will be a year of powerful changes as they grow their relationships with intimates and acquaintances alike. This year will have Libras feeling more connected to their inner child, finding joy in parts of life that may have felt stale previously.

Love: During the March eclipse, Libras may be left disappointed by a relationship they were counting on. Be prepared to take care of yourself during this time and put a support network in place to help you handle the romantic funk it brings on. In general, this year will be more about fortifying existing relationships than forging new ones.

Money: Libras will be feeling the urge to splurge this year in order to make up for stressors in other parts of life. Luckily, this will be a year of financial gains, meaning you’ll have room to try new things and expand your horizons. Focus your spending on learning new skills, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Success (and money) will follow.

Career: You might feel hindered in some situations at work this year, but connecting with your creativity and ingenuity will be what helps you through. This will be a great time for your personal ambition, so don’t be afraid to lean into a side project or hobby. You may be surprised how the skills you hone there will prove useful in the workplace later on.

Health & Wellness: This will be a year of expanded spirituality for Libras, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly interested in all things woo-woo. Sage, crystal, reiki healing—anything you can do to strengthen your spiritual vibe. As a bonus, this increased focus on your spiritual self will leave Libras with improved stamina in both body and mind.

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