Your Weekly Horoscopes: March 14 to 20, 2021

Happy astrological new year! The sun shifts into adorably hotheaded Aries on the 20th as we celebrate the spring equinox. Though Aries is all about taking bold, direct action, we’re not tearing the house down quite yet because Mercury—planet of expression and communication—moves into dreamy, idealistic Pisces on the 15th. Mercury in Pisces is found in the charts of many artists and poets—lovers rather than fighters—from Nina Simone to Kurt Cobain to Heath Ledger. As we let go of winter, this week is for simultaneously honoring our ambitions and cultivating compassion.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

12 aries

Your season finally arrives this week, Aries—it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But for some reason, it feels like nothing can be straight-forward these days, like you’re constantly out of the loop. What gives? On the 16th, your boss asks you to do some seriously unglamorous data entry that would annoy even the most eager intern. You end up totally saving the project, but was it worth feeling less-than? Where are your accolades? The sun moves into your sign on the 20th, reminding you that at the very least, you can celebrate yourself.

This week’s mantra: Do it for you.

1 taurus

For you, Taurus, this week is about tying up loose ends before going on a literal or metaphorical sabbatical. Once the sun enters Aries—and your unconscious sector—on the 20th, you’re ready for a digital detox and a month of rest and relaxation. On the 18th though, as Venus connects with powerful Pluto, you get caught in one last fray: mediating an argument between two of your BFF’s about how to safely attend one’s upcoming bachelorette. No one smooths over conflict like you do, but now’s the time to keep your phone on silent and your vibes high.

This week’s mantra: Know when to walk away.

2 gemini

With your ruling planet, Mercury, gliding into Pisces on the 15th, joining both the sun and Venus in your career sector, everything in your life is coming back to work. There’s a lot of pressure being put on you to lead but you don’t want to be a normal kind of boss, you want to be a cool boss! Aries season begins on the 20th and highlights how important it is to develop strong relationships with coworkers. Lunch is on you this week! Put your energy into making everyone around you feel like a star.

This week’s mantra: Be the leader you wish to see in the world.

3 cancer

As the week begins, you’re feeling stressed about your career. Everyone has questions: Your new boyfriend wants to know why you chose a higher paycheck over your dream and your supervisor wants to know where you see yourself in five years. Could there be any more pressure to figure it out? As Aries season begins on the 20th, it’s time to take your future back into your own hands and to reconnect with your ambitions. Dedicating this week’s therapy session to talking through your career insecurities—rather than the usual family drama—is definitely worth your time.

This week’s mantra: Take control of your own future.

4 leo

Aries season begins on the 20th, and with the sun entering your fellow fire sign, you’re feeling like yourself again. The world is your oyster, so where do you want to go? It’s time to get excited about future plans for study and travel. The sun makes a supportive connection to transformative Pluto on the 16th, giving you a moment to evaluate what tools and resources you have to make your dreams possible. Use this energy to look into scholarships, stipends and flight deals to get what you want on a budget.

This week’s mantra: Look up!

5 virgo

With your ruling planet Mercury swimming into the oceanic depths of Pisces—and your relationship sector—on the 15th, a lot more of your time, thoughts and attention are going toward your partner, work wife or BFF. You usually love to help, but she’s being so vague about her problems that you don’t know where to start and your patience is wearing thin. Meanwhile, things at work are still busy, leaving you with barely any time to check in with yourself. Aries season (from the 20th) has you evaluating your investments. Not just the financial ones but the emotional ones too. Choose carefully.

This week’s mantra: What’s worth the effort?

6 libra

With Aries season on the horizon, spring has sprung and you’re ready for a new relationship to take control of your life. You’re back on the apps and begging your friends to set you up on a Zoom date with any eligible bachelor in their orbit. Before you dive into romance though, the question really is: Have you cleaned your room? Your ruling planet, Venus, meets up with life-changing Pluto on the 18th, inspiring you to clear some literal and metaphorical cobwebs. Once you’ve cleared the mess and lit a candle for good luck, you can focus on finding “the one.”

This week’s mantra: Find peace before you find love.

7 scorpio

If Pisces season was all about getting it on, then Aries season (from the 20th) is all about getting back to the grind. For the last month or so, a fresh romance or creative project has totally consumed your life but this week, with responsibilities—both at home and at work—building up, you need to figure out how to integrate your lover into your routine. Time to get out the planner and schedule! Love planet Venus meets up with powerful Pluto on the 18th reminding you that love and magic should exist every day.

This week’s mantra: Pleasure is power.

8 sagittarius

As much as you’ve enjoyed the rest, relaxation and focus on family life that has come with Pisces season, you’re ready to get wild. With the spring equinox and Aries season beginning on the 20th, we’re back in your fire element! Now’s the time to flirt and get creative! With Mercury in Pisces (from the 15th), you’re also very connected to your emotions and more willing to share them than usual. Write a poem, paint a portrait or finally try out that fancy cake you saw on The Great British Baking Show with your love.

This week’s mantra: Express yourself!


Are you ready for some spring cleaning? Aries season begins on the 20th, lighting up your home and family sector. It’s time to Marie Kondo your closets, scour Craigslist for the West Elm dining set of your dreams and also really zone-in on what makes you happy in your private life. How can you find a better work-life balance and give yourself the space that you need? It starts with knowing when to close your laptop and walk away from the “office,” no matter how urgent something seems. Self-care is about boldly sticking to your boundaries.

This week’s mantra: Rest doesn’t happen unless you make time for it.

10 aquarius

Aries season begins at the end of the week (from the 20th), and for you the sun shifting into the sign of the bold, excitable ram is about managing both your schedule and your expectations. A lot of people are about to come out of the woodwork, asking for your precious time. You’re probably already sensing this with your inbox flooding and your sister blowing up your texts. Use the last sweet days of Pisces season to soak up some alone time. You can get a lot out of even five minutes of silent meditation!

This week’s mantra: You have to create your own space.

11 pisces

The words just won’t stop flowing out of you this week, Pisces! With communication planet Mercury swimming into your sign on the 15th, everything—whether it’s effusive love or major resentment—that you’ve kept buried inside since January is bubbling to the surface. Get it all out but be ready for some push back, especially from a business partner or client. You’re such an expert at performing under pressure and keeping your cool that she’s totally blindsided by your dissatisfaction. With Aries season on the horizon though, it’s important to know your value.

This week’s mantra: Sing out!

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...