Your Monthly Horoscopes: March 2021

Welcome to March! Action planet Mars moves into chatty, free-spirited Gemini on the 3rd, releasing the valve on the pressure cooker of energy we’ve felt since last July. Our minds are sharper, and our conversations are wittier under this influence. Let’s just try not to overdo the sarcasm.

On the 13th, there’s a mesmerizing new moon in Pisces. With both love planet Venus and hazy Neptune in the mix, this lunation brings what’s unconscious to the surface. Mercury joins the party in Pisces on the 15th further daring us to articulate what we want—even if it can only be expressed in a sappy love song.

Aries season begins on the 20th and Venus follows the sun into the dynamic fire sign on the 21st. Happy Birthday to our ambitious rams like Pharrell Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga. Instead of pampering ourselves at a luxury spa, we’re now roughing it on an exhilarating camping trip. Both are enjoyable but one requires a lot more effort!

The month ends on a shocking note (you could say March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion) with a revelatory full moon in Libra on the 28th. We often equate Libra with balance, but this lunation shakes up the status quo. Think: dramatic season finale that takes the plot in an unforeseen direction or a surprise underdog comeback in the final inning.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

11 pisces

It’s your season, Pisces! With Venus joining the sun in your sign, you’re definitely feeling the love these days: flowers from friends, sweet DMs in your inbox and even a birthday card from your landlord?! The best medicine is self-love though, so at the new moon on the 13th, take a spa day away from the chaos—that Mars in Gemini is certainly stirring up—at home. Aries season begins on the 20th and gets you all fired up about making more money. The key to boosting your income is less about getting a raise and more about optimizing your schedule.

Love Horoscope: Since early January, your partner has been in their own world, super busy at work and basically MIA. This all changes on the 15th when Mercury glides into your sign and suddenly he has tons of questions about what’s going on in your life. Are you thrilled or feeling smothered by the constant attention?

Money Horoscope: The full moon on the 28th stirs up some drama when it comes to your shared resources. Someone is making you an offer you can’t refuse, but is this investment too much of a risk? You’ve been grinding away trying to rectify cash flow issues that followed you for all of 2020 and this could solve it all in one fell swoop. When the question is go big or go home, why not go big?

12 aries

You’re feeling quite introspective as all the planets in Pisces swim through your unconscious sector—especially around the new moon on the 13th. With your ruling planet Mars in impulsive Gemini, go ahead and book yourself a quaint Airbnb (with a hot tub!) to recharge before your personal new year. By the time your season begins on the 20th, you’re relaxed and ready for the spotlight. Though your friends are expecting you to be brash and unfiltered at your (second annual) Zoom birthday party—hosted by your dreaded sister-in-law—you shock them all when you take her awkwardness in stride. You’re now someone who has learned to kill with kindness.

Love Horoscope: The outrageous full moon on the 28th brings huge news—like a surprise rooftop proposal with all of your friends and family flown-in-from out of town-level huge—for your relationship. As much as you want to get swept away in the romantic gesture of it all, it’s OK to communicate your doubts before saying yes.

Money Horoscope: As the month begins, you’re trusting the universe when it comes to your money and that’s not necessarily a good thing. You’re closing your eyes as you swipe and hoping the bills will pay themselves. Money planet Venus enters your sign on the 21st though, forcing you to own up to your bad habits. There’s no one else to blame.

1 taurus

Whether you’re pitching projects at work, organizing outdoor hangouts with friends or volunteering in your neighborhood, Pisces season (through the 19th) is for getting involved. Even if that means just sharing more on Instagram! At the new moon on the 13th, you feel particularly blessed to have found so many people that really speak your language. Once Aries season begins on the 20th though, you’re ready for hibernation. But the shocking full moon on the 28th interrupts your solitude with a minor crisis that totally upends your day. Thankfully, your friends are there to bail you out.

Love Horoscope: You’ve been harboring a crush for quite some time—maybe since last spring even!—and let’s be real, it’s just not working out. Love planet Venus going into the heart of the sun on the 26th is a chance to start with a clean slate and set your sights on someone who’s actually worthy of you. Crushes should be an inspiration, not a burden.

Money Horoscope: Mars is in Gemini and your money sector from the 3rd, bringing constant stress to your finances. Sure, you’re earning more, but as soon as the check clears, it goes right back out. What even are these expenses? Thankfully, the fiery planet connects with disciplined Saturn on the 21st: a chance to bring in some oversight and get back on track.

2 gemini

Mars—planet of desire and drive—enters your sign for the first time since early 2019 on the 3rd and you’re feeling like an unstoppable force. Friends may comment that you’re snappier than usual or even acting a bit aggro. You’re concerned with establishing your place in the world right now, whether that’s accepting your image as a cool mom or launching the next phase of your career. Your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th which gives you more confidence to define your own role. Aries season begins on the 20th and is all about networking. Put yourself out there! Just be cautious around those who don’t yet get your sense of humor.

Love Horoscope: The full moon on the 28th falls in your romance sector and could put you at the center of something scandalous. Who knew your BFF would freak when you reveal things are getting serious with that younger guy from Tinder? Things are messy right now but keep doing what makes you feel good.

Money Horoscope: The ultra-idealistic new moon on the 13th offers a fresh start for your career. This is a moment for dreaming big and turning that side hustle into your main gig. It’s a risk and comes with way more startup costs than you were expecting but you’re ultimately setting yourself up to make a higher salary.

3 cancer

With the sun traveling through the wide-open spaces of Pisces, now’s the time to try things out. Don’t worry about the outcome. Use the new moon on the 13th to set goals for travel and education for the rest of the year. Do you want to go back to school? Aries season then begins on the 20th and you have less time for dreaming as things heat up in your career. All bets are off on the 28th when the messy full moon in Libra unearths a shocking family secret. Remember that drama is cyclical and before you know it, everyone’s onto the next piece of gossip. Go inward instead.

Love Horoscope: With Mars in your unconscious sector this month, you’re trapped in analysis paralysis—especially when it comes to love. Your time is better spent meditating on your ideal relationship because the one thing that’s absolutely clear is that when there are too many options, you have no idea what you want. Be patient with yourself.

Money Horoscope: With the sun—which rules your finances—swimming in dreamy Pisces, watch out for offers that seem too good to be true—especially around the 10th. Your abundance isn’t going to come from a get rich quick scheme. Aries season (from the 20th) is all about your career though and on the 31st, you’re recognized (and rewarded) for your hard work.

4 leo

Who can you turn to for help? Pisces season (through the 19th) helps you realize that you have more options than you thought for starting a business or gaining financial freedom. Just beware of taking a deal that seems too good to be true when the sun bumps into misleading Neptune on the 10th. By the time Aries season kicks off—and you’re feeling back in your fiery element!—you’ve figured out how to afford to return to school to get the knowledge you need. The full moon on the 28th is humbling though as you realize that you need to refine your skills if you’re going to succeed through your own efforts.

Love Horoscope: Venus moves into your house of higher learning, travel and adventure on the 21st. So if you’re single, you may meet your next lover through an online course or a local political campaign. Now’s the time to get involved as things could really heat up as soon as the 26th!

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 13th unleashes a can of financial worms. Selling your house? Buying a car? Taking out more student loans? Whatever you’re doing, you’re in way over your head. Why are there so many options and details to consider? Around the 23rd especially, tread carefully when a friend offers some well-meaning—but horrible—advice. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about either.

5 virgo

Power planet Mars enters your career sector on the 3rd so things at work are about to get spicy. You can no longer hold your tongue about that supervisor who’s been abusing her power. This isn’t about you, it’s about protecting that sweet intern from her wrath. Just be careful about saying too much when your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th which increases miscommunications. Once Aries season begins on the 20th, you’re focused on building healthier collaborative relationships both at the office and at home. It feels good to advocate for yourself.

Love Horoscope: The new moon on the 13th falls in your partnership sector and is sure to reignite some romance. So light some candles, buy some roses and pull out that bodysuit from Savage X Fenty. If you’re single, this lunation brings a rom-com level meet cute. Every stumble on the sidewalk is a chance to fall in love! Seriously.

Money Horoscope: The outrageous full moon on the 28th marks a turning point for your personal finances. What goals did you set at the new moon in Libra back in October? If you’re struggling to get out of your own way, this full moon illuminates how you can level up in your career as well as people who can help you achieve that success.

6 libra

Health is wealth. Pisces season is all about getting back in touch with what your body needs. If you’ve been avoiding exercise, eating nothing but Milano cookies or scrolling for six hours per day, these habits catch up with you now. The new moon on the 13th is your moment to reclaim your time and make better choices. It takes 21 days to build a habit so get started early because once Aries season begins on the 20th, your energy is going to be focused on everyone else’s problems. Make sure you’re putting your own emergency mask on first though!

Love Horoscope: Aries season (from the 20th) is all about relationships for you. But with Venus and the sun coming together in the fiercely independent sign of the ram on the 26th, this is a moment to renew your vows...with yourself. It sounds cliché but love comes to you when you’re not looking for it so spend your time cultivating spiritual and intellectual pursuits. Let your lover come to you.

Money Horoscope: With Venus (as well as the sun and Mercury) spending most of the month in your daily grind sector, fulfillment comes from streamlining your routines. You may finally get inspired to turn that creative hobby (or, your vintage shopping addiction) into a side hustle.

7 scorpio

With Mars moving from lazy Taurus to freewheeling Gemini on the 3rd, the month begins with a huge spike in your energy. While the sun is still in Pisces (through the 19th), you’re feeling tormented by your dating prospects. Why does love have to be so hard and why does it still feel so good? Once Aries season begins on the 20th though, you realize that your time is better spent obsessing over fitness classes and Ashwagandha supplements. If you end up going too hard (and twisting your ankle in a cardio dance class), the full moon on the 28th is a moment to accept your limits and take a breather.

Love Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 13th could be dangerously romantic for you. With hazy Neptune in the mix, you’re feeling quite literally drunk on love but are you also lacking judgment? Remember you really don’t really know someone until you’ve been through a crisis together (or, at the very least gone on vacation with their family). Have fun but tread lightly.

Money Horoscope: With Mars—your ruling planet—in your shared resources sector all month, like it or not, you’re being forced to face your debts. You may also run into difficulties applying for a mortgage or a loan. Though you wanted to avoid asking your (often financially overbearing) parents for help, a generous gift from them on the 21st solves a lot of your problems.

8 sagittarius

During Pisces season (through the 19th), you’re likely taking on most of the domestic responsibilities while your partner deals with stress at work. If this stirs up your itch to move or buy a house, the new moon on the 13th is an auspicious time to start your search. Once Aries season begins, things get chaotic with your kids (or your adult friends who still act like children) and the full moon on the 28th reveals a troubling secret about a close friend or coworker. When reality hits, it hits hard.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re buying a house, trying to get pregnant or just working out the nitty-gritty details of your COVID wedding, things are feeling very high stakes in your relationship. Are you able to have a sense of humor while under incredible amounts of stress? Look to the 26th (when Venus meets the sun) as a day to remember what brought you together in the first place. In love, we can start again and again.

Money Horoscope: You’re spending a ton of money on your house this month—especially around the new moon in Pisces on the 13th—not because you have to but because you want to! You’re splurging on expensive linens and going all in on a bathroom remodel with the rainfall showerhead of your dreams. Take the Pisces energy as inspiration and dive deep into the ocean of possibilities.


After feeling quite lazy for the entire month of February, action planet Mars moves into your daily grind sector on the 3rd, inspiring you to get moving. With many planets hanging out in Pisces at the top of the month, you’re busier than ever and run the risk of working yourself into utter burnout. Use the new moon in Pisces on the 13th to get into some restorative daily routines like journaling and closing out your email before it hits 9 pm. Aries season begins on the 20th and has you wanting to put your limitless energy into a complicated renovation project at home.

Love Horoscope: Communication with your partner has been a hot mess since at least last summer and with the sun, Venus and Mercury in your communication sector this month, you’re forced to address these issues. The new moon in Pisces on the 13th might inspire you both to put how you feel into a love song. When nothing else works, why not sing?

Money Horoscope: Back in October, you set out on a new trajectory in your career: starting your own business or diving into a field that you’ve always wanted to try. This decision caused a rift between you and your family and at the full moon on the 28th, you have the chance to prove that you made the right decision. Show your receipts. Your hard work has in fact paid off.

10 aquarius

With Mars moving into Gemini on the 3rd, you’re expending a lot of energy on your kids (or your immature roommate). Lockdown cabin fever is hitting hard in your house and there just aren’t enough puzzles in the world to keep the family entertained. With Pisces season bringing a lot of attention to your bank account balance, use the new moon on the 13th to put more fun on the budget. Maybe you do need a subscription to every streaming service. Aries season begins on the 20th and has you focused on better managing your schedule. The full moon on the 28th illuminates that you need to get out of survival mode and spend more time on long-term goals.

Love Horoscope: The success or failure of your romantic pursuits this month can be traced back to one important factor: money. If you’re broke, you’re not feeling fabulous, and this is making you go after partners who just aren’t right for you. Venus meets the sun on the 26th though offering a chance for you to delete old dating profiles and start fresh.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned, money is a major focus for you this month and if you’re in a business partnership, the pressure is on you to make the venture profitable, especially after the 15th. You hate managing the spreadsheets and being the bearer of bad news but listen, someone has to do it.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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