Your Weekly Horoscopes: June 2 to 8

It’s a new month, a new moon on the 3rd and a new sign for Venus on the 8th. All of the above is happening in Gemini, a sign marked by its versatility and curious nature. It’s usually good practice to balance exploration with caution, but this week be brave and run headfirst into the unknown. It will soon become a familiar friend!

You can’t rely on anyone but yourself, Gemini. That may sound bleak, but it’s actually an empowering and positive thought for you this week. You are incredibly capable, knocking off to-do after to-do like a warrior. Just make sure one of those items is to take a break.

If you have therapy this week, you could have a real breakthrough. Introspection is your friend, so pay close attention to your dreams and keep your socializing to one or two people at a time. A crowded room can only dilute your magic.

It’s a good thing you’ve got boundless energy, because you are in higher demand than usual with friends, VIPs, colleagues, love interests, etc. Follow your instincts and be the social butterfly you are, Leo. Hey, it may not be your season (yet), but you can strut like it is!

Up for a new job? Your odds for career advancement are very high, Virgo. Whatever you’ve been working toward this past month will bear fruit, and you will be rewarded for stretching beyond what’s comfortable. Which means you won’t have to stretch so far from now on...

You might learn something new, especially if you’re spending time with a wise mentor or Dumbledore-like VIP in your field. Don’t shy away from asking for a coffee date—just make sure you have something to offer them, too.

Follow your jealousy, because it’s a breadcrumb trail to your real dreams (versus what you think you want). When you feel the sting of envy, try to slow down and ask yourself why. The answer will tell you where you need to go next.

This is one of the best times of the year for you to get engaged or married, Sagittarius! If you’re in love, prepare to level up your commitment. Do something special to commemorate this grand occasion, and feel free to bring along any mutual friends who won’t wretch at the sight of a little PDA.

If your routine has been disrupted (new job, new house, new kid, etc.), this is your week to suss out a new order. Your formerly leisurely mornings may now be chaos, so try to find a peaceful lunch break. You have the same amount of hours in the day as you did before; you just need to rearrange them.

If you’ve suffered from creative block or a major case of the blahs, that’s all over now. The muses are paying you a visit, and your mind will be bubbling with more ideas than you can write down. But you should definitely jot down a few, because they don’t always stay for too long.

Scared to attempt that avocado salad? Invite your friends to a game night and promise them you’ll be delivering! A little pressure can be inspiring, and for you, it’s the missing ingredient to a perfect recipe. We want an invite, too...

You’re an incredibly effective communicator this week. With the sun and Venus on your side, you have every reason to speak up about everything you care about, even in cases when you’d normally bite your tongue. Others will thank you.

This whole week is golden for you, Bull. Whatever it is that you truly value—extra time with your kids, a car that doesn’t sputter out randomly, inner peace (it could happen!)—you will have in abundance (at least for now).

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.