Your June 2019 Horoscopes

June is open season for the open-minded. Change is a-coming, and it will be good, and we should welcome it with a platter of croissants and apricots!

Usually, this is all easier said than done, but during Gemini season, talking the talk is walking the walk. It marks the end of astrology’s Q1 (because the year begins with Aries), so the stakes are low, but everything is delightfully up for review.

Mercury will cycle through three signs this month—Gemini, Cancer and Leo—which will lend some variety to our thoughts and the way we articulate them. Changing your mind doesn’t make you a flake—it makes you flexible. Let yourself be as intellectually bendy as possible around the new moon in Gemini on the 3rd, because your curiosity is likely leading you in the right direction.

After every new moon comes an accompanying full moon (that’s just how the moon works), and this one on the 17th is in Sagittarius, the sign of freedom, philosophy and adventure. Full moons bring endings, but more than any other, this one will open new doors while it closes others.

Cancer season officially dawns (happy birthday, crabs!) on the 21st, the very same day that Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde. The power of the sun in emotional Cancer and Neptune moving backwards in intuitive Pisces should put us all on high alert for anything that seems too good to be true. It’s only natural that following a period of openness we should close out with some skepticism, for balance.

2 gemini

It’s still your season, twin, and the new moon on the 3rd is in your sign! That means you’ve got the power of the sun (your ego) and the moon (your emotions) working together, so your instincts for what you want have never been sharper. Whether or not it’s actually your birthday, treat yourself like it is and do everything you love. A Geminian full moon is more than enough reason to have some Funfetti cake.

The Sagittarius full moon on the 17th will illuminate some weakness in your marriage and force you both to deal with it. If it’s a structural incompatibility, or you’re in a toxic dynamic, that will show itself, and you’ll be able to make a decision (even a tough one) with more clarity than ever.

On the 21st, it’s Cancer season, which will shine a light on your income. You may see it go up (yay), or you may start to invest if you have the means. With Neptune moving retrograde in Pisces that same day, you may be able to understand more clearly how your current career path can evolve to become even more lucrative. The time is ripe for very long-term thinking.

3 cancer

Cancers are a cardinal sign (action-oriented), so it can be hard for you to sit still with your thoughts. But on the 3rd, the new moon in Gemini may bring you some mental harmony. If you’ve had trouble articulating, even to yourself, how certain people and places make you feel, you’ll gain some wisdom and perspective on yourself after this date. If that changes where you go and whom you choose to be around, so be it.

The full moon in Sagittarius on the 17th will culminate an assignment at work that had you scrambling like a student. You may feel totally unequal to the task at hand, but it always feels like that when you’re learning and acquiring new skills. Once you’re done (phew), you’ll have the hindsight perspective into how talented you really are. 

It’s your season on the 21st, Cancer! Woo! When the sun is shining on you, you’ve got a little bounce in your step and some extra charisma to throw around. Feel free to schmooze beyond your usual cast of characters and catch up with people from further-flung corners of your life. With Neptune in Pisces going retrograde concurrently with your birthday season, it’s an especially good time to reignite dormant connections. You’re due for a new spark!

4 leo

You’re a popular little lion this month! The Gemini new moon on the 3rd will ensure that you’re in high demand among friends, siblings, co-workers, classmates, your kid's friends' parents, etc. If you’re single, you could meet someone who sets your heart aflutter, so don’t be shy about swiping right. You don’t have spring fever, you are the fever, Leo.

Meanwhile, the Sagittarius full moon on the 17th may cause friction with your kids, if you have them. Expect misunderstandings and a testing of boundaries—it may come down to freedom versus order. But as long as they are under your roof, order shall (eventually) prevail.

The universe would like to invite you to rest your weary self. The sun enters Cancer on the 21st, which means Leo season is up next, so use the latter third of the month to recharge, get in touch with your core desires and pamper yourself. With Neptune in Pisces stationing retrograde the very same day, it’ll be all the more compelling to put your feet up and cancel plans from the couch.

5 virgo

June is the month you get famous, Virgo. That may be only slightly an exaggeration, because the new moon in Gemini on the 3rd will light up your house of career, giving your public profile a boost. If you’re up for a promotion or about to sign a blue-chip client, there’s a good chance you close the deal this month. Just be sure to remember all the little people as you ascend the ladder of success.

But on the 17th, the Sagittarius full moon may humble you a little at home. You may feel powerless to fix the washer or install your blackout curtains or stop your neighbors from waking you up with their theater-quality subwoofer and late-night movie viewing (seriously, it’s 2:00 a.m.—go to bed!). But whatever comes to a head on this day will likely be resolved going forward, which will hopefully spell a good night’s rest from now on. 

Your calendar is likely to fill up after Cancer season on the 21st, either with dates or brunches or networking events. The sun will be spotlighting the most social part of your chart, so you’ll be pretty popular with pretty much everyone. That may include an ex-partner, especially with Neptune in Pisces retrograding the very same day. If you’re tempted to meet up, do so with clear eyes. Remember, there’s a reason you broke up in the first place.

6 libra

June may beckon you to locales you’ve never visited, especially after the Gemini new moon on the 3rd. If you don’t have a trip already on the calendar, it might be a good time to check out where all the cool kids are traveling these days and book one yourself. You can be a cool kid, too, Libra.

During the Sagittarius full moon on the 17th, you may feel trapped in a misunderstanding with someone. Maybe it’s your sister insisting you make reservations for somewhere before it opens, or maybe your kid only texts you back “k” when you asked a yes or no question. If you’re infuriated, who can blame you? But count to ten before responding. Or at least turn off all caps.

When Cancer season dawns on the 21st, it’ll supercharge your career ambitions. Start thinking bigger about not only what you do, but why you do it and what your greatest contributions to society can be. That very same day, Neptune will be moving backwards in dreamy Pisces, facilitating a major rethink of the work you’re already doing. You may spot a path forward you’d never considered before.

7 scorpio

What you want and need from life are not what you thought you wanted and needed from life—and that’s OK. The Gemini new moon on the 3rd is about recalibrating your aspirations and goals, whether that’s deciding to work for someone else versus starting your own company or figuring out if you are, indeed, a jean jacket type of person. No matter the stakes, keeping an open mind will connect you with what makes you truly, really happy. And that’s a good place to be.

Money may be on your mind with the Sagittarius full moon on the 17th. It’s not necessarily that you’re over budget, but your spending may be misaligned with what provides you the most joy. Use this lunation to think beyond the material aspects of your financial plan, and think about re-allocating your cash according to your values.

On the 21st, the sun moves into Cancer, turning your attention to locales near and far. If you’ve been desperate to get out of Dodge, you don’t need to splurge beyond your means to scratch that itch. Travel within your own hometown or take a day trip to the countryside with your partner. The fresh air will bring you back to life, and you’ll be able to sleep in your own bed.

8 sagittarius

Partnership becomes you, Sagittarius. This Gemini new moon on the 3rd could see you leveling up with your partner—if you’re just talking, you could become official; if you’re dating, you could become engaged; if you’re a-fiancéed, you might be getting married soon. Lean into the gooeyness of love by writing little handwritten notes to document where you are in the relationship.

On the 17th, the ongoing negotiation between your need for freedom and your desire to connect with others is one that will come into focus with the full moon in your sign. Try to resolve that tension with activities that stretch your abilities but require other players, like tennis, board games or improv. You’ll still feel ownership over what you bring to the table, but you won’t be sitting alone either.

It’s Cancer season on the 21st, which may focus your attention on finances and assets you…would like to acquire. This is an excellent time for goal-setting and budget reviewing, because you’ll feel more motivated to complete these tasks. With Neptune in Pisces going retrograde on the same day, you may want to start thinking about real estate, whether it’s moving, renting, buying or just sprucing up where you already live. You may want to trade in your nest egg for a permanent nest.


Luckily for you, the summer slowdown may be a real thing. The Gemini new moon on the 3rd might lighten your project load, or at least allow you the chance to work on assignments that actually speak to your passion and not just to your sense of obligation (you are nothing if not dutiful, Capricorn). Embrace the empty space in your calendar and don’t be in such a rush to fill them yet...

The Sagittarius full moon on the 17th will bid you to find solace in solo pursuits. Whether that’s booking a short-notice trip to Milan, visiting a museum you’ve never attended or just taking a long drive to nowhere, you are the best company you can keep.

On the 21st, Cancer season will heat up your marriage. If you and your partner are craving quality time, arrange for someone to watch the kids while you spend some time, just the two of you. With Neptune in Pisces going retrograde the same day, nostalgia is the order of the day, so recreate your first date or a mini-version of your honeymoon. Could be better the second time around!

10 aquarius

June is a very romantic month for you, Aquarius! While you’re a big-picture type who tends to embrace all of humanity, you may find yourself captivated by one human in particular. The new moon on the 3rd in fellow air sign Gemini will infuse any flirtations with the oxygen they need to become full-fledged relationships.

Meanwhile, the full moon in Sagittarius on the 17th may ask you to part ways with friends. It may not be because there’s anything wrong with your bond—life may be pulling you in opposite directions. Maybe they are going back to school or about to have a baby. Maybe you’re starting your dream job and won’t see your work buddies every day. Goodbyes aren’t always sad, and you can be mournful and happy at the same time!

When the sun enters Cancer on the 21st, get ready to work. Cancer is an industrious sign, and you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. Be a little frugal with your finances, though—with Neptune going retrograde the very same day, you may feel a little richer than you are. Your bank account knows the truth; trust it.

11 pisces

Roll out the welcome mat, Pisces, because the summer party is at your place! The Gemini new moon on the 3rd will inspire you to liven up the homestead and invite your friends and family to enjoy the spoils of your hospitality. Your natural abilities to create ambiance and read the room will be well utilized as you play the hostess with the mostess.

The full moon in Sagittarius will bring some career news your way around the 17th, when it peaks. It might require a little more flexibility (those vague “hybrid” positions can often be traps!), but the upside might be tremendous (not just money but actual fulfillment). Embrace the unknown with optimism, just this once.

Finally, on the 21st, Cancer season will lend its solar energy to your house of creativity, love and dating. If you’re seeing someone special, enjoy a few dreamy summer dates. But beware the whirlwind romance—with Neptune in retrograde, you’ll want to trust more than your heart. You’ll need to search your soul.

12 aries

Unsubscribe to the 40 morning newsletters, Aries! The Gemini new moon on the 3rd will urge you to mix up your content intake. If you’re not actually reading The New Yorker cover-to-cover every two weeks (we admire the aspiration), maybe transition to a digital-only subscription. If you’re more of a Hulu person than Netflix, try going without. Ask yourself what actually feeds your brain and imbibe accordingly.

With the full moon in Sagittarius on the 17th, you may wrap up a major academic project, or find yourself traveling somewhere new. Regardless, you’re going to feel a little stretched in your abilities, and that’s a good thing if you can embrace it. You can turn a challenge into a workout with the right mindset.

With Cancer season on the 21st, you’ll be focused on the homestead. If you find yourself tempted to hang out alone in the comfort of your own AC, that is your prerogative and the universe blesses you on this front. With Neptune in Pisces retrograding the same day, you may feel you have all the entertainment you need with your own solo Netflix and chill.


1 taurus

This is one of the best months for your wallet, Taurus! You’re already the sign of money (cue Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable”), but the new moon in Gemini on the 3rd would humbly request your permission to make it rain. Not only that, but your ruler Venus, planet of legal tender, moves into Gemini on the 8th, strengthening that lucrative proposition from the cosmos. If you’re looking for a job or are up for a promotion, the odds are in your favor. Just don’t spend it all in one place.

On the 17th, the full moon in Sagittarius may see you settle a debt that’s been weighing on you. It could be emotional, like receiving (or giving!) an overdue “I’m sorry,” or it could be a literal transaction, like paying off student debt (finally!). Whatever it is, you may feel totally drained, but you will also feel sweet relief.

Finally, Cancer season on the 21st will encourage you to actually, finally catch up with Jaqueline from freshman-year French class with whom you’ve been playing phone tag for months (je suis désolé!). And because Neptune in Pisces is moving retrograde on the same day, it’s an especially good time to reconnect with old pals.

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