What Your Inner Beyoncé Song Is, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Beyoncé is a quintessential Virgo, this we know. But her body of music? No one sign could possibly contain the multitudes of her prolific genius. So we dug through her canon (such a chore, feel sorry for us!) and pulled out a sampling of tracks that speak to the energy of each sign. See below for our assessment of each zodiac sign if it were a Beyoncé song.

Aries: “love On Top”

Aries loves a lot of things, but being first is always best. This sign also tends to be a quiet romantic, despite its reputation for toughness and aggression, so any song that combines an affection for love and being “on top” is speaking the Aries language. Even from a composition standpoint, the song crescendos into a fever-pitched, celebratory number bursting with the life force that is Aries.

Taurus: “irreplaceable”

Taurus energy rules over what we value, and in this song, Beyoncé asserts herself as the arbiter of what is valuable (hint: she’s priceless, and men are replaceable). In the lyrics, she demarcates what stuff is hers (all of it) and what belongs to her man (not much), before letting him know that if she is not appreciated, then she can get another immediately. If a Taurus knows anything, it’s how to acquire things (especially men).

Gemini: “if I Were A Boy”

This song deals with the double standards of gender, and if any sign is concerned with duality, it’s Gemini. Geminis also tend to be the most intellectually curious about other people’s experiences, and in this track, Beyoncé is stepping into the shoes of male identity. The androgyny here is also on theme, as Gemini is the sign that most embodies a multiplicity of genders.

Cancer: “me, Myself And I”

Cancer’s superpower is drawing strength from deep emotional wounds, and “Me, Myself and I” is all about rebuilding your foundation in the wake of heartbreak. While her pain is personal and intimate, Beyoncé’s point of view here is resolute and action-oriented. As guardians of domestic stability, Cancers can appreciate the resilient spirit of this song.

Leo: “ego”

Leos love themselves without apology, and this song is overflowing with the joy of self-affirmation absent any defensiveness. As the monarchs of the zodiac, Leos don’t come for the crown as challengers; they come with the crown. This song celebrates taking up space, emotionally and physically, and Leo energy is all about owning the room as soon as you walk in.

Virgo: “halo”

Virgos are perfectionists, waiting for conditions to be very right before they open themselves up to love. But when they do, they are devoted. This song is all about idealizing that perfect person who earned the expertly organized and stored up reserves of love Virgos have to give. The title “Halo” is a nice nod to the virgin’s high integrity and morals.

Libra: “crazy In Love”

As the sign of relationships, Libras are going to bless any artistic venture that celebrates partnership and love. This is one of the most unabashedly romantic songs in Queen Bey’s repertoire, with a featured rap from Mr. Knowles-Carter himself, and it celebrates the foolishness of being in love. No one is a bigger fool for love than Libra.

Scorpio: “jealous”

Is this one too obvious? Jealousy is a major keyword for Scorpios, whose reputation for sexiness comes from their enormous capacity for wanting things, period. In this song, Bey explores her unrequited feelings of desire for an unfaithful partner in such vulnerable and honest terms, it’s like we’re getting a peek at the sensitive nature of Scorpios they only allow a trusted few to see.

Sagittarius: “sorry”

Sagittarius energy is all about broadcasting your truth to the world, and this was the song that put Beckys with good hair everywhere on notice. Beyoncé lets her bad mood flow freely on this track, all the while refusing to apologize for it. Like every Sagittarius knows, you don’t have to be sorry if it’s true. Boy bye.

Capricorn: “run The World”

The boss bitches of the zodiac, Capricorns, of course, are all about running things. Capricorn culture is good management, plain and simple, and this triumphant anthem pays tribute to the excellent leadership skills of women. Capricorns give credit where it’s due, and for women, it’s due, honey.

Aquarius: “formation”

An Aquarius is never afraid of ruffling feathers by getting political, and “Formation” is Queen Bey at her most revolutionary. The song is a call to action, speaking to the elements of her race and culture that have been least celebrated, and putting them on display with defiant pride. Aquariuses don’t grind axes for their own sake alone, but for their communities, and this track is rooted in every piece of her identity.

Pisces: “7/11”

Pisces are the least literal sign in the zodiac, and they say more with a look or their mood than with words. This song’s hypnotic, repetitive hook and abstract lyrics lend it an ethereal and dreamlike quality—but you can also dance to it. That’s the sweet spot for a creative Pisces, who simultaneously inhabits alternate realities but always shows up to party in this one.

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