Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 29 to August 4

If the Great Blood Moon of 2018 has left you a little out of breath, well, us too… This week is the come down from those emotional heights, as we sort out the debris and process what has happened. Meanwhile, Mercury and Mars (and a few others) are still in retrograde, but rather than let it mess with our lives, let’s try to relax into that energy. It’s Leo season, after all, and lions do not concern themselves with the mischief of (the universe’s) mice!

Psst: Remember to read for your rising sign as well as your sun, because it tells you which parts of your life are most affected by the horoscope.

4 leo

No one really has it all, do they, Lion? For you this week, that means a tug-of-war between your career obligations and your partner. With Venus in your second house of earned income, you’re no fool for burning the midnight oil at the office, but this is a temporary Sophie’s Choice, so be a little extra thoughtful on your way home. Read: bring cupcakes, concede to the Pawn Star re-runs and make sure you’re checking every item on the things-to-do-for-your-partner-every-day list.

5 virgo

With Venus in your sign, you’re feeling extra glamorous. So yeah, maybe this is the week to finally try strandlighting or splurge at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Just avoid pulling the trigger on an aesthetic overhaul on Tuesday the 31st, when the Pisces moon will oppose the planet of love, clouding your judgment and making you think something works when it does not—like that Pepto pink Sandro jumpsuit. Good in theory; terrible IRL.

6 libra

You might be clashing with a boss’s or coworker’s vision for a project, and the prospect of losing the business might add some stress to your week. Think about yielding on this one and using that famous Libran gift of compromise to get you through. After all, whether or not you love the ideas you’re presenting, a united front always sells faster. And if you get to re-use your ideas on another project someday, it’s not cheating, we swear.

7 scorpio

The Venus opposition to the moon in your house of love means that you may be seeing your relationship through rose-colored lenses this week. Did he really not have service in the last hour to tell you he'd be 45 minutes late to dinner? Could be genuine. Could mean he has an inconsiderate streak you will need to reevaluate. But with the moon in Pisces, your judgment is hazier than usual when it comes to deal-breakers. Wait until next week to see if your head and your heart can get on the same page.

8 sagittarius

Be careful about work-life balance this week with Venus opposing the moon in your houses of stability and career. If you have to travel, so be it, but Wednesday the first will probably be a clusterf*#@ in ways you can’t predict, so definitely pack your favorite pillow and a few extra gummy vitamins—even if you’re just going to New Jersey for a few hours. You never know.


If you’re in a relationship, brace yourself for a lover’s spat on Saturday the fourth—and, hopefully, a lovely makeup session Saturday night… Oh, and be careful with the words you choose, Goat, because misspeaking now will yield consequences later—likely in the form of a weeklong text-fight replete with screenshots of your own messages used to implicate you as a monster who doesn’t care about her friend’s cousin’s new baby. See? You said “Congrats!!!” and not something like “OMG, she’s amazing!!!! Can’t wait to hold her!!!! xoxoxo,” which would totally fly with your high school friends, but not with your PR buds.

10 aquarius

Though most of the week should be fairly smooth, watch out for surprises at home that could destabilize your cool-headed demeanor. Perhaps a bed bug scare or an AC failure on a 100-degree day with a landlord who is less than motivated to fix either situation. Ugh. If you’re itching to escape, try a few long walks or an all-day writing sesh at your local coffee shop. Or maybe it’s just time to get out of Dodge entirely.

11 pisces

For the most part, the moon in your sign is in a friendly position to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, which means you’ll be having an easier time communicating than most. That’s no easy feat, especially while Mercury is still retrograde. So if you’re working on a book proposal, launch or activation of some kind, it may not be snap-your-fingers easy, but you’ll be able to make it rain.

12 aries

If you’re feeling extra blessed this week, spread the love, Aries. Split the dessert you didn’t want to share, send someone who needs a little pick-me-up your favorite book in the mail, and sure, say yes to another round of blueberry wine. The moon in your sign is making sweet love—I mean, er, angles—to the sun, Mercury and Saturn at various points. Those powerhouses will have your back as you pay it forward—or at least invite the new guy at work to lunch with your usual crew.

1 taurus

While others are feeling a little reckless and loose, this is your week to get shit done and go full-on Hermione Granger. Keep your to-do lists close to your heart and you won’t feel stressed, just incredibly powerful. Like a witch.

2 gemini

Are you flirting with us, Gemini? You’re rocking a little swagger this week, and people are definitely noticing. Your jokes are landing with aplomb, and you’re getting away with casually using words like “aplomb.” Just remember that Mercury is still in retrograde, so keep the big plans in a theoretical phase until it’s time to act…later.

3 cancer

The potential for misunderstanding is high with a committed partner, lover or a friend this week. The tense aspects underpinning this (Venus vs. the moon; Mars vs. Uranus) will pass, so just try to let things go as emotions are running high. It’s not that you’re a pushover; it’s more about giving yourself some time to figure out how you really feel after changing your mind one, two or 20 times. Then you can really address who was absolutely right (you) and who was just a little bit wrong (your significant other). You’ll definitely need some tips on how to healthily reset after a fight. Don’t worry: We got you.

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