Strandlighting Is the New Balayage

The problem: You want a lighter look for summer, but you dread the streaky grow-out come fall. The fix: Strandlighting, the latest hair coloring technique that will leave you with gorgeous sun-kissed locks that easily (and beautifully) transition into the next season. Here’s how it works and why it’s our new salon go-to.

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Created by stylist Liz Haven O’Neill, strandlighting is a technique where fewer strands are painted on the foil (instead of an entire lock of hair). The result is a subtle, all-over-brightened look with a naturally blended finish.

“The way the sun lightened our hair when we were kids will always be my inspiration,” Haven writes on Instagram. “I promise you, if applied correctly, there is no horizontal line of demarcation when this grows out, easily encouraging anywhere from three to four months in between applications.”

It’s a little more intricate (and yes, time-consuming) than freehand painting technique balayage, but it’s just as effective for adding depth and movement to hair in a natural way.

And the best part? The grow-out will be totally seamless (read: not a streaky patch or horizontal stripe in sight). It’s also better for your hair’s health, since fewer strands are getting bleached.

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