Is *This* Type of Wine the Next Rosé?
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Just us, or is rosé way overplayed? From rosé mansions to wine-flavored cookie dough, we’re starting to feel a little pink-drink fatigue (and it’s not even July…). Good news for those who roll their eyes whenever their friends ask, “Is this a Wölffer?” because we’re calling it: Blueberry wine should be your new summer go-to.

We repeat: Blueberry. Wine. Yep, this deep-violet-colored concoction (made from fermenting blueberries mixed with hot water and sugar) is very antioxidant-rich (so, it’s basically really good for you), delicately sweet (just like rosé) and perfect for pairing with sharp cheeses (to balance out the fruity sweetness), BBQ or spicy foods like curry.

So, how do you get your hands on the pretty purple stuff? can ship a bottle right to your door, and the same goes for a number of wineries in Florida where some of the first blueberry varieties were born (like here and here). 

And, we hate to admit it, but the dark fuchsia color is ripe (sorry) for allll the outdoor-drinking Instagrams. (Dibs on a “Yes way, blueberr-ay” caption.)

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