This Is Your Ideal NYC Neighborhood, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Factors we consider when deciding where to live: cleanliness, safety, proximity to a bagel shop and whether or not it will align with our zodiac. OK, that last one may sound like a stretch. But we’ve turned to the stars for crazier things…and eventually seen the light. Here, which NYC neighborhood you should pay rent in, based on your horoscope. 

Quiz Which NYC Borough Should You Live In?

Aquarius (january 20 – February 18): Alphabet City

Your stomping grounds need to be as weird—er, colorful as you are. Go all the way past Avenue A on the East Side and you’ll step into the magical lettered neighborhood of Narnia Alphabet City. True bumper-sticker-covered dive bars, wine on tap and the East River Park: You’ll be right at home in this still (relatively) uncharted little locale.

Pisces (february 19 – March 20): Tribeca

The space you’re looking for needs to be as low-key and peaceful as your personality. It’s an obvious choice for both the Kardashians and Taylor Swift, but you’re not here for the stargazing. A nice balcony by the Hudson where you can sit and reflect on the day? That’s the ticket.

Aries (march 21 - April 19): East Village

This neighborhood is constantly changing, and you’re happiest when you’re in the thick of it all. Late-night bars, Insta-worthy restaurants and a (very) crowded Tompkins Square are calling your name (at a deafening pitch—but you’re used to it).

Taurus (april 20 – May 20): Astoria

You’re so damn practical it hurts, so that means your biggest requirement is not spending your entire paycheck on rent. Enter: Astoria. Not only is it just the third stop in Queens off the N/W, it’s also a stone’s throw away from a Costco. We repeat: You get a Costco! In other words, it’s your perfect little oasis away from the maddening tourists of Manhattan.

Gemini (may 21 – June 20): Murray Hill

Your split personality—refined professional by day, life of the party by night—fits right in with what the frat bros like to call “Murray Chill.” There are quiet streets and pretty apartment buildings, but then there are places like Brother Jimmy’s and Tonic. Best of both worlds…we guess?

Cancer (june 21-july 22): Chelsea

One look at the art galleries off Tenth Avenue and you’ll be a devoted West Sider for life. Your sensitive heart is right at home amid the greenery and flowers of the High Line and the pretty redbrick walk-ups on West 20th street.

Leo (july 23 – August 22): West Village

You love to be the center of attention, and the picture-perfect West Village is your playground, replete with the best bars, boutiques and eateries your heart desires. Sure, you’ll probably go into millions of dollars of debt just to make rent, but you’re living the dream and that’s all that matters…right?

Virgo (august 23 – September 22): Upper East Side

“XOXO, Virgo” should be your tagline, because just like Gossip Girl, you thrive in the über-rich atmosphere of Manhattan’s elite. Everyone’s polite, the streets are delightfully quiet and weirdly clean and you’re bound to befriend a millionaire or two. Weekends in the Hamptons? Count you in.

Libra (september 23 – October 21): Williamsburg

It’s all about balance for you, dear Libra, which is why this trendy Brooklyn ’hood is the perfect place for your indecisive nature. Sure, it’s sorta overpriced and practically overrun with young wannabe socialites, but a casual Maisie Williams sighting at Whole Foods will cure any reservations you might have.

Scorpio (october 22 – November 21): Lower East Side

Secretive and charismatic, your Scorpio antics will be right at home in the LES. Yep, you can try to stay away, but somehow you’ll keep getting pulled back in the dead of night to a grungy college-kid-filled dive, password-protected whiskey bar or underground club, and you’re not that mad about it (save for the hangover the next day).

Sagittarius (november 22 - December 21): Bushwick

Like fellow Sags Louisa May Alcott and Miley Cyrus, you seriously hate to conform. So let your spirit roam untethered in BK. And Bushwick’s industrial-meets-artsy vibes are peak hipster. A safe haven for your boundless curiosity away from the choke hold of Manhattan? Right on, man.

Capricorn (december 22 – January 19): Financial District

You're determined, conservative and a true hustler at heart, and FiDi is the perfect home for your ambitious attitude (and, OK, money-making schemes). Sure, you might have to elbow a few suits out of the way during your commute, but lord knows you secretly thrive in the throngs of capitalism hard at work. 


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